Dominique Alvarillo on fashion in Switzerland: "We are all interconnected"

When it comes to Switzerland, we think about mountains, good food and obviously banking industry. But there’s a growing community of fashionistas: Switzerland is international and a crossroad for Europe. We had a chance to share some views with Dominique Alvarillo from Sparkling Glimmerella.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging about a year ago firstly because I love to write and secondly, I love fashion. It’s one of those combinations that apparently works out well.

Could you define a Swiss fashion identity?

Because Switzerland is surrounded by different European countries such as France, Germany and Austria, they influence the culture and style is no exception.

Who are the local designers we should discover?

I don’t necessarily follow local designers but I do admire their talent when seeing the clothes in Swiss Fashion Week or in the Swiss Textiles Awards such as Tran Hin Phu. Although, I lean towards the collections from Tally Weijl, and Bally, while my friends look towards Strellson and Switcher.

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?

Fashion can inspire people and send messages across merely by what and how we wear our clothes. We are told that there are other people in this world that like the same things we do and fashion is definitely one of them. We share our style through our photos either on facebook, instagram, blogs or lookbook and we interact with each other for either not thinking of a combination in the first place or because we have the same thought on how it can compliment the person wearing it. But these are all on the surface. What is also important is what helps us look the part. The workforce behind it is also affected by the demand and they are against time and not to mention the energy. We are all interconnected that when one changes, the other does in turn.

What can we wish you in the future?

I am hoping to not only continue my blogging and keep the support of my readers but to succeed in the business world as I aspire to become an Entrepreneur.

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