Les Parisiennes

As we’ve left Paris for quite some time now for cosmopolitan horizons in London and Ho Chi Minh City, we forgot what a Parisienne was like. And we’re sorry but our beloved Paris Fashion Week crowd is not Parisienne at all. While Isabel Marant is blowing her concept worldwide with H&M, we’re feeling refreshed with this music video from S-Crew called Les Parisiennes.



Far from a naive fragrance commercial cliché, this video packs real charm. Parisiennes are not Kate Moss or Carine Roitfeld knock-offs. They’re cosmopolitan. Blonde, brunette, Asian, Mediterranean. They are natural and even the naturalist take of the video does not fall on the hipster side of raw posing that all indie pop bands are nowadays showing.

Our dear Parisiennes are described as admirable for their adventurous lifestyle, their cocktail pick, but also take a dent because they’d be inaccessible. Like many New-Yorkers and Londoners, she’s become cynical. But S-Crew knows where the fault is: from us guys first-time heartbreakers. “The first boy did not love them” / “They see passion just as a game”.

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