Miley Cyrus is a Springbreaker

As late adopters, we took Miley Cyrus seasonal story backwards from all the fuss since the VMA 2013 performance, and just went on to watch her “We Can’t Stop” music video. The least we can say is that our perception flipped all over.

The buzz explosion literally buried the whole story behind this new personae of hers. “We Can’t Stop” proves that commentators and other outraged trolls have no idea what this is all about. Miley Cyrus goes on a so-called scandalous trip that has nothing more shocking than Harmony Korine’s Springbreakers. By the way, the whole imaginarium behind “We Can’t Stop” seems sensibly inspired by last year’s most wicked youth manifesto.

Curiously enough, when a legit indie filmmaker drops a bunch of Disney girls into a bath of blood and acid, critics and people alike put a fist under their chin with an interested frown. But when a popstar goes down the stream, she gets slut-bashed. We’re now convinced Miley has all the rights to twerk her way through freedom, whatever Lily Allen may think of it.

Our video of interest, with all its soulful blunt youth aspirations:


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