Saranda Walgaard "I do think fashion can change a person"

We had a massive crush for Saranda Walgaard, a Dutch fashion / lifestyle blogger with  a strong emphasis on collage, daily treats and cool moments. We had a chance to chit chat with her. And it sounds promising.
When did you start blogging and why? 

I started blogging at the beginning of 2012, I actually had tried to blog before but I just did not have a great idea about how everything worked and so I first started reading other blogs a bit more. After a not so great start, I think I posted 15 items during the first year of my blog, I decided to begin blogging again in January 2013. I deleted some of the posts I found were not so good, I redesigned my lay-out for the first time, decided to leave reactions at the blogs I was already reading and I did a couple of brainstorm sessions about my topics. I started blogging mainly because I needed a creative outlet. I am a very sensitive person, who likes a lot of different things, loves to be creative and I also really love the write. I just felt like blogging was something that was meant for people like me. Reading other peoples blogs inspired me and by blogging and sharing things I liked I got the opportunity to also inspire people.

I really like the creativity, the many possibilities I have, even within my niche, but also the network I am creating in the fashion industry! I made a lot of fashionblogger friends already within a short amount of time. Everyone in the field is just very open, fun and friendly. We all help each other achieving our goals! 🙂

Could you define a Dutch fashion identity?

I think Dutch women really like easy fashion. UGG’s are actually very popular in Holland, although there are also a lot of people who think UGG’s should be forbidden haha.

But yeah, I think easy is the word. Of course the ‘fashionistas’ tend to put a little more effort in their looks but overal casual outfits, with a chique or edgy twist are most popular in Holland, besides that you can also see some Scandinavian fashion influences which are growing in popularity.

Who are the local designers we should discover?
I personally love Olcay Gulsen the designer from Supertrash, also the collections from ByDanie and Nikkie Plessen are very cool! Besides that you probably all know Victor & Rolf and Jan Taminiau makes the most gorgeous royal gowns! Concerning bags I would go for an it-bag from Vlieger & Vandam, Smaak or Fab.

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?
I think this is a very hard question hahaha, I do think fashion can change a person. By dressing yourself in the right items you can really get a confidence boost, which then can help you over come your struggles etc. But can fashion change the world, I don’t know. Fashion is one of the most popular arts and therefore it can maybe support things like emancipation, but I think fashion in that kind of situation has more of a support role. So yes fashion can help change the world but I don’t think it can change the world on it’s own.
What can we wish you in the future?

At the moment I am looking for a job, next to my blog. Since I am not a very big blogger yet, I am still growing a lot and have a lot of things which I can get on a higher level, getting a job (within fashion / social media / online marketing or PR) is necessary and can also help improve my blog. In the future I would love to have my own social media / marketing agency or try to combine styling with personal coaching.

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