5 minutes with Georgia May Jagger: beyond fashion

Meeting Georgia May Jagger was one of the biggest privileges I had as a style blogger. As the face of the Mercedes-Benz GLA campaign, we met her backstage before SIMONGAO catwalk, who’s supported by the German brand as he won the China Young Fashion Award, 2013.

I was expecting a tense meeting, overwhelmed by pushy PR people – it had nothing to do with that. Georgia May Jagger is a beautiful and simple young woman. With dreams, expectations, stories to tell…and a lot to come.

Born as the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall, Georgia May could have been another rich kid on the block. But she’s far more than just a bright heiress. She’s only 22 and she already has this magic glow of big, big stars. Bay Garnett who arranged one of my favourite shootings with GMJ probably summarized the aura of the stellar Jagger:

“I love how Georgia looks like a girl as opposed to a model in the pictures”

Georgia May Jagger by Venetia Scott for Vogue UK October 2013

How do you get ready for a shooting?

I just try to entertain myself. I’m laughing about whatever I’ve done before.

© Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

The last Mercedes Benz campaign is called “always restless“. A perfect match with you as you seem to be a nightbird but not necessarily a party-girl. What is your favourite moment of the night?

I love sunrise, I love 4 in the morning. If I don’t go for sleep for 3am, I stay awake as it’s my witching hour. It’s been a tough week because I need to wake up at 5am thus.

I watched the New Year’s Day’s sunrise. I like to start the New Year fresh with the new sunrise.

After modeling, is there a specific creative field you want to explore?

I went to a school for arts and specifically photography. We call it modelography: models take photos of the models. Hopefully I’m going to go into that. I’m not really into the fashion side of it, I’m more into portrait. I stopped last year when I started start full time modeling. I like Helmut Newton for fashion pictures as it goes beyond fashion, there is a scene… I like Richard Avedon as well!

What’s your power song at the moment?

I have a ladies playlist, Mr Big Stuff, Donna Summer, I like a good disco tune.

You’re also involved in the new Vivienne Westwood campaign “Save The Arctic” that features A-list actors, musicians and models: how do you feel about that?

It’s incredible for me to just be asked to help!



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