Few stereotypes against male fashion bloggers

We’re not going to complain about our social condition as fashion bloggers at all. Nonetheless, after few years blogging about fashion, society and “lifestyle” as a whole, we have to face pretty regularly some clichés against us. As if a blog could now define one’s personality and identity.

Nothing too serious at the end, if we consider that it’s all part of the same circus. But still, here’s a short list of questions that we’re often asked.

Are you gay?

Yes, in 2014, having fun writing about fashion, trends, still suppose that you’re gay.

Let’s be honest: the way we write has nothing to do with our sexual preferences. Darwin would agree.

Do you know Garance Doré?

Well, star system effect also reaches fashion sphere; we’re always famous for someone as we say.

Are you really a fashion blogger?

Some of us don’t have to wear a clown outfit during fashion weeks. So sometimes, when you’re just wearing your regular outfits, people don’t understand why you’d be interested in fashion.


Did you really study political science and management?

So, fashion writing is sometimes associated to shopping-list writing. I don’t blame the buddies who ask me this question when you look at some blogs or magazines (don’t ask me names) that are just e-commerce platforms. So yes, you can try to match politics and style.

Do you have a real job?

Haha. Yes, writing is associated to a life of leisure. They are the same people who can’t go out during the week because they work during the day. Mmm. Strange.


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