Adidas Skateboarding Copa Jersey: cultural preparation for World Cup in Brazil

That’s another genius move by Adidas; few months before World Cup (yes, THE World Cup), the brand decided to engage skateboarders all over the planet. The guys wear a Skate Copa jersey which matches local deck brands. And it rocks.

Benny Fairfax with Palace for England, Lucas Puig with Cliché for France, Mark Gonzales with Krooked for the USA, Raul Navarro with Western Edition for Spain, Rodrigo TX with DGK for Brazil and Lem Villemin with Cliché for Germany.

It’s pretty smart for Adidas as “soccer” (yes, in the US, you guys call it SOCCER, come on :p ) is not yet #1 sport in the US whereas skateboard is a massive business. It’s also very original as it creates strong ties between universes that use to not communicate. Things have changed with street football performers but still…

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