Life is a beautiful sport with Lacoste #livebeautifully

You know how much we love the new Lacoste. The iconic French brand is slightly becoming a cultural movement, diving into subcultures and niche inspirations. You can have a look at our last collaboration with them, featuring the famous Lacoste polo. We've been asked to promote their last video called "Life is a beautiful sport", but we've sincerely been moved by the simplicity of the story. Enjoy now:


Directed by Seb Edwards and produced by Wanda (I used to work with them ages ago!) and BETC France. the film is much more than a tagline, it’s a new promise from Lacoste that establishes its founding values. Lacoste’s founder, Rene Lacoste considered sport as a proof of tenacity, engagement and panache. The video shows an epic story of a first kiss and of a man overcoming his fears to show a woman he loves her… Discover yourself here.

What's even better is that instead of focusing on nostalgia, Lacoste makes a celebration of the NOW. That's good because  Lacoste can then become our preferred baggage instead of focusing on its past. Exciting

The film displays a wonderful tribute to everyday unexpected encounters: the mights and magics of people falling in love, the transformation of a street which suddenly becomes a theatre for extraordinary  random people.

In that case, “Life is a beautiful sport”


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