Jen Unbe: "Wish me endless inspiration. Boredom= death"

Sometimes, you feel attracted by an Instagram photo. You don’t know why and you start stalking, crawling. Diving into some deep souls of THE internet. That’s what’s happened with the gifted Jen Unbe. Toronto / London through instagram. The young gunner is a musician / performer / model / designer you need to follow. Not sure yet where her shooting star will transport us at the end. But the journey is already worth it.

Dear Jen: are you a young woman or a concept?

I feel like a perpetual work in progress. Everyday is new with it’s ups and downs and that’s what inspires my art, style and music. My style changes daily based on my mood: one day I’m feeling French gamine, next day grungy punk. My moods influence my different music projects. Unbelievers is a fun, dancing kind of band and I can bounce around stage and act crazy. Jen Unbe: Dark Horse, my folk project reflects my vulnerable and sensitive side. I like the freedom of being able to express myself in diverse ways be it music, modelling, art or design. My music and creative projects give me energy that propels me forward. My art makes me whole. There is inspiration and beauty everywhere.

What makes you wake up in the morning?

Usually it’s my cat, Pirate who wakes me up at ridiculous hours in the morning to be fed. Haha. I like my life a lot so it’s really not hard to wake up. I always have a ton of projects on the go that keep me busy: the bands, modelling, making collages, reworking/ customizing vintage clothes, my chainmail accessories line Unbe Cult which I just started. I recently started doing some acting work which has been a lot of fun too. I like setting goals and making plans and challenging myself to do new things.

How does it feel to sing in front of a crowd?

I’ve been a performer my whole life. Always hamming it up to get attention as a kid. I feel most comfortable and confident onstage. I can be the ultimate version of myself and lose myself for those 30-40mins. Anyone who performs understands that amazing rush of adrenalin you get. There’s nothing like it.

It does require loads of energy to do what you do: do you have a secret nuclear plant?

I’m naturally hyperactive so performing gives me a great outlet for all my freakish energy. Jumping around onstage and singing is also really good cardio and helps keep me fit which is a plus. I try to eat healthy too which gives me good fuel for my body and mind. Lots of veggies and fruit and water. I have this obsession with baby kale lately and put it in everything from smoothies to salad. I stay away from fast food because it makes my body angry but a really good poutine after playing a show is never a bad idea.

jen unbe


What can we wish you?

Wish me endless inspiration. Boredom= death

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