The LED shoes phenomenon: when dance meets Instagram

Remember L.A. Gear shoes? The “street” brand with funny LED that would enlighten kids’ walks?


The light-shoes phenomenon is back on track, thanks to the so-called “LED shoes”. Highly popular in Germany, but also in Asia, it’s booming since last November. Apparently, Soulja Boy was one of the very first to launch some cool products, but got a pretty tough review from Complex.


Dance meets Instagram

basket-ledLED shoes are made for Instagram

Dancers love LED shoes, as it’s a way to promote their amazing moves in social networks. The energy of their steps is sublimed by LED, which can really highlight on small screens what they’re doing. An easy and DIY FX, so to say.


Chill #girlsthatshuffle #cuttingshapes #shufflenyc #globalshapes #ledshoes A video posted by Natasha Ashby (@tashanaomi) on

The most popular item seems to be a white pair of sneakers; white is cool as it’s better to “absorb” the LED colours. The shoes have a USB system to charge their batteries. Smart shoes for smart people.

DIY communities love them

It’s possible to buy LED online, to customize the sneakers. On YouTube, there are tons of tutorials to make the most amazing LED sneakers.


Many websites are launching, so customize more classic sneakers like Nike Air.

It’s funny to see that LED is a sort of fashion phoenix, appearing many times in the recent history, from Tecktonik to Smurf.

It you’re fan of LED shoes and have some cool Instagram pictures, share them!


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