A Fashion Review as Dumb as Trump #YeezySeason4

WWD casually dropped a raging review against Kanye West‘s latest fashion show, signed by Jessica Iredale. While criticising the design work is necessary, and we’d expect the review to address conceptual approach, cultural relevance and crafting demands, the journalist focuses instead on attacking Kanye’s position in the industry.

Iredale’s point is probably that West is a fraud. But we actually feel her intentions are worse. Her bottom line reads:

“Someone make it stop”.

Does she sound like a rape victim? Yes. Here is some more curious material:

“We’ve been world-class enablers of Kanye West, allowing him to put us at his mercy.”

Does this sound like the complain of a conservative politicians regarding crime committed by poor people of color and refugees? Yes.

While we’re very careful of not edging too easily on the trendy outrage against white privilege, we can’t help but see this other comment as demeaning and condescending: “This is behaviour that would not be tolerated from true design visionaries”.

Would this statement sound original in the mouth of a 19th century cotton field Missus? Kind of.

While we attempt to snap back to the usually more trivial field of fashion, we realise criticism of Season 4 only relies on Iredale’s perception that everything is boring and deja-vu. Suddenly, the journalist feels entitled to declare the rule of good fashion: it should be novelty and surprising. How sad this is for creative criticism, we can’t begin to describe.

In conclusion, there are many consequences and topics to pull from “Whatever political or cultural statement West was trying to make by casting only black models for his show”, including the fact that curiously some audiences have uproared at the consideration that “multiracial women only” meant mixed-ethnicities, but Ms Iredale simplifies and calls these models black.

The fashion world is getting dumber, and we have to say, maybe Kanye West is actually proving the contrary by letting the Trump and Dumbers call themselves out.

According to WWD's journalist: this is a "black model". Photo: Hypebeast
According to WWD’s journalist: this is a “black model”. Photo: Hypebeast


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