Jean Paul Gaultier goes full on reality show

Documenting a fashion designer’s work is not always that easy: some might leave glimpses of their personalities in old sketchbooks; some might be talked about thanks to a meticulous analysis of thousands of press-clippings. And actually very few of them think about legacy.

Jean Paul Gaultier has just released a very interesting project, strange mixture of real TV, selfie-generation treatment and true glimpses of his universe.

The first episode reveals Anna Cleveland mystic impersonations or Catherine Baba in a very Dali-esque speech.


As explained on his website:

“In October 2016, Jean Paul Gaultier went on a spectacular tour around Latin America. 9 days, 3 countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. The objective was to discover local traditions, but also to show the locals Jean Paul’s unique, always spectacular universe. From the famous favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the presidential palace in Buenos Aires to a lucha libre show. Is it haute couture dancing samba? Is it the Classique and Le Male playing the tango? Is it Monsieur Gaultier with a sombrero? Mais non! It’s JPG Loves Latin America! Stay tuned for a unique rendez-vous. 9 episodes broadcasted on social media starting Friday, February 3rd. Like a reality show, but à la Gaultier.”

The films haven’t generated lots of views so far but that’s not really the point: if you like the man, you will like watching this so eccentric programme.

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