Fashion Infantilized, in our new game: Chanel or Playmobil?

While the sidewalks of Paris are making room for crazy and original outfits every day of the goddamn Fashion Week, attracting peacocks, Gagas and photographers in a happy celebration of extravagance, what happens on the catwalks seems to be less and less queer or edgy.

The way Chanel has treated its fashion shows in recent years has followed a drastic method: stage a generic venue which will be relatable (oh Instagram generation and your need for spelt-out ideas), and justify it with some form of social commentary.

Is that genius? Is that relevant? We’re not sure. But it looks hell of a lot like a luxury Playmobil brand experience. The truth is, we hardly can distinguish now which Playmobil sets have been converted into a Chanel show and which haven’t.

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