De Fursac SS 2017 “En escale” with Adrien Sahores

A sublime film about a well-travelled dreamer who follows his silhouette across oniric landscapes…

“Like a traveller coming into port still fantasising about the open seas, De Fursac dreams of faraway lands and imagines its silhouettes on exotic oceans. There where the skies are vast, where pleasure is vital and elegance obligatory.”

Film Director : Martial Schmeltz
Art Direction : Atelier Franck Durand
Model : Adrien Sahores
Voice : Monica Ainley
Stylist : Jérôme André
Music et Sound Design : Collectif Tympanistan
Film Editing : Aurélien Merlhes
Color Grading : Didier Lefouest
Production : ADM


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