Why Air Max is the most influential product brand right now.

While the numbers are putting Adidas on top of power rankings since 2016 and the overwhelming rise of the NMD silhouette combined with high impact endorsements from pop stars, observers and fans of street wear should not lose interest in Nike. Here is why.

Two days ago (26.3.17) was Air Max Day. The celebration – initiated only 3 years ago, is dedicated to the birthdate of the iconic style and technology now ubiquitous and synonym to the Nike brand.

For the 30th anniversary, the brand with the swoosh didn’t hold back. It released a daring new product: the Vapormax.

It also occupied the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris for an event, opened an exhibition in Hong-Kong, while in-store activities were held in numerous markets, including Ho Chi Minh City.

In the meantime, a dozen of shortlisted “Revolutionairs” were invited to design their own take of an Air Max pair, for the public to vote. The winning design will be released in 2018.

What allows Nike to be “Max” active in marketing every spring since 2014 is a powerful product history. Building on a breakthrough innovation made thirty years ago – the Air cushion – the brand has conquered generations of consumers.

The Air Max story is one of excellence in technology, design and marketing. What most consumers won’t see when participating in Air Max Day is the monumental amount of research Nike has done throughout the years, to understand sub-cultures throughout cities and neighborhoods of the world. So while the current trend is in favor of Adidas novelties, one shall not discard the influence of the long-term effort carried by Nike.

Long live the Air Max.

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