MANGO SS17 ‘A Story Of Uniqueness’ Campaign

A very interesting new manifesto-film or film-manifesto by MANGO, showcasing face-to-face parents / offpsring on what uniqueness means.

A trend not so far from the “SHARE INDEX” as explained by Grazia UK in their last high street issue.

“This is a story of people like me, like you, like us. People embracing their own selves, their own talents, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Embracing what makes them different and special. Because we’ve all got our own life experiences, roads to travel and purpose. Because we are all unique. This is a story of uniqueness”.

Starring: Bhumika Arora, Lyn Slater, Andre Van Noord, Parker Van Noord, Staz Lindes, Misha Lindes, Lauren Johnson


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