Pigalle made flip flops cool again (with socks)

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Pigalle made flip flops cool again (with socks)

Nikelab x Pigalle Lookbook

Pigalle made flip flops cool again (with socks)

Nikelab x Pigalle Blue Slides

Pigalle made flip flops cool again (with socks)

Nikelab x Pigalle Pink Slides Pair

Pigalle made flip flops cool again (with socks)

Nikelab x Pigalle Pink Slide

Political earthquakes aside, France is currently going through an existential crisis.

Everyone is wondering if wearing socks in one’s flip flops (more nicely called slides on Nike’s e-shop) is acceptable. And most citizens seemed to come to a consensus that no, this was not all right.

Until last week, when cult conceptual sportswear and very Parisian label Pigalle dropped yet another collaboration with NikeLab. Now guess what the collection featured?


Worn with socks, during the presentation.

And suddenly, we’re revising our point of view. Maybe it’s more than acceptable to wear slides in the summer after all. And maybe it’s even cooler (although totally irrational practical-wise) to wear them with socks. Check the gallery above.

Stephane Ashpool, Pigalle’s historical founder and neighborhood lord who gave northern Paris a whole new energy inspired by youth culture while gentrification took over Le Marais, demonstrated this time an eye for subtlety, which sportswear often lacks.

His collection was presented under a soft neon light, distorting the “frenchie” red & blue tones into an electro-pop dream, sweet & sour like a gender-defying Christine & The Queens performance. Now it all makes sense.

The kids will be alright.

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