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beanie moschino cashmere

Big beanies for wonderland winters

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Beanies must be big. They must be comfy. They must be warm so as we, winter passengers, can feel we’re protected in our bubbles while the snow’s coming.

We love big beanies. Here’s our seleçao of cool beanies. For boys and girls, but mostly for girls. Yes.

Cashmere Beanie @JASU

Wear this luxurious over sized cashmere beanie to stay warm and look chic. This super soft 100% pure cashmere beanie will top off your cold-weather look. Choose from fresh modern stripes or keep it classic with a solid colour

Johnstons Fairisle Bobble Beanie

With a rich history dating back to 1797, heritage brand Johnstons of Elgin are renowned for manufacturing the finest cashmere cloth, knitwear and accessories. Sourcing their premium cashmere from farmers in Inner Mongolia, they look to sustainability of the herds and good pastures to ensure for luxury blends. Johnstons offer impeccable craftsmanship across a contemporary edit of knitted scarves, socks and hats, all made in the UK. This is our favorite one.

Moschino Cheap And Chic Embellished Heart Beanie

Beanie hat by Moschino are made from a premium wool blend with cashmere added for a super soft touch. And you know how much we love hearts.

Crooks And Castles Les Voleurs Bobble Beanie

Founded in 2002 by Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio, Crooks and Castles provides street-ready clothing and accessories for men and women. We love this French quote Les Voleurs which will give you a sense of bad-girl or bad-boy chic.


Saranda Walgaard “I do think fashion can change a person”

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We had a massive crush for Saranda Walgaard, a Dutch fashion / lifestyle blogger with  a strong emphasis on collage, daily treats and cool moments. We had a chance to chit chat with her. And it sounds promising.
When did you start blogging and why? 

I started blogging at the beginning of 2012, I actually had tried to blog before but I just did not have a great idea about how everything worked and so I first started reading other blogs a bit more. After a not so great start, I think I posted 15 items during the first year of my blog, I decided to begin blogging again in January 2013. I deleted some of the posts I found were not so good, I redesigned my lay-out for the first time, decided to leave reactions at the blogs I was already reading and I did a couple of brainstorm sessions about my topics. I started blogging mainly because I needed a creative outlet. I am a very sensitive person, who likes a lot of different things, loves to be creative and I also really love the write. I just felt like blogging was something that was meant for people like me. Reading other peoples blogs inspired me and by blogging and sharing things I liked I got the opportunity to also inspire people.

I really like the creativity, the many possibilities I have, even within my niche, but also the network I am creating in the fashion industry! I made a lot of fashionblogger friends already within a short amount of time. Everyone in the field is just very open, fun and friendly. We all help each other achieving our goals! :)

Could you define a Dutch fashion identity?

I think Dutch women really like easy fashion. UGG’s are actually very popular in Holland, although there are also a lot of people who think UGG’s should be forbidden haha.

But yeah, I think easy is the word. Of course the ‘fashionistas’ tend to put a little more effort in their looks but overal casual outfits, with a chique or edgy twist are most popular in Holland, besides that you can also see some Scandinavian fashion influences which are growing in popularity.

Who are the local designers we should discover?
I personally love Olcay Gulsen the designer from Supertrash, also the collections from ByDanie and Nikkie Plessen are very cool! Besides that you probably all know Victor & Rolf and Jan Taminiau makes the most gorgeous royal gowns! Concerning bags I would go for an it-bag from Vlieger & Vandam, Smaak or Fab.

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?
I think this is a very hard question hahaha, I do think fashion can change a person. By dressing yourself in the right items you can really get a confidence boost, which then can help you over come your struggles etc. But can fashion change the world, I don’t know. Fashion is one of the most popular arts and therefore it can maybe support things like emancipation, but I think fashion in that kind of situation has more of a support role. So yes fashion can help change the world but I don’t think it can change the world on it’s own.
What can we wish you in the future?

At the moment I am looking for a job, next to my blog. Since I am not a very big blogger yet, I am still growing a lot and have a lot of things which I can get on a higher level, getting a job (within fashion / social media / online marketing or PR) is necessary and can also help improve my blog. In the future I would love to have my own social media / marketing agency or try to combine styling with personal coaching.

jacuzzi club

The Jacuzzi Club, starting this Monday at Corbet Place

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What if there were few Jacuzzi spas in one of the iconic night spots of London?

This fantasy now comes true starting from Monday, at Corbet place. The Jacuzzi Club is opening and offers a pop-up hydrotherapy education centre, yoga classroom, Alpine bar and music venue all rolled into one. A great fun in which we’re involved with RE-UP agency!

Check the list of events, to attend the future of water-based wellbeing, try out the very latest Jacuzzi ® spas – and catch some great live music from performers as varied as French For Rabbits, The Dancing Years, Jack Cheshire and SIXTOES. It’s a whole new generation of architects and designers who will be joining other creative talent to explore the future of hydrotherapy. For instance, a session called “happy hotels explained”  will explore new “sensory” experience with:

  • Design (Deema Sahyoun – InD Creations)
  • Colour (Karen Haller – Karen Haller Colour & Design)
  • Scent (Louise Bloor – Louisde Bloor Ltd – indepedent perfumer based in London)
  • Sound (Chris Gunton – CGA Integration)

Spread the word and book your tickets asap! You can follow The Jacuzzi Club on Twitter & Facebook.

stylist 24 hours

The lesson of Stylist Magazine 24-hour challenge to the fashion magazines “à la papa”

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We’ve worked with and for fashion media. And a lot of print magazines tend to cry and shout out loud the fact that their industry is collapsing, because, uh, the consumers are now online.


That should actually be a good news: if Coca Cola is able to keep selling sugar while activating us through digital channels, why a good print product couldn’t find its way?

So Stylist Magazine, every week, reinvents itself.

They challenge the routine; so every week, you expect something new, “disruptive”, while still getting some rituals.

This week, the issue is just massive:


And their team really did that. They not only did that for the sake of doing it. They’ve actually created a whole story about this story: inviting influencers, brands, partners. This issue is far more powerful than another X-Mas party: it’s actually a demonstration of the power of their networks, the skills of their editorial team, the consideration that the London scene feels for this magazine.

It’s a real lesson of modern fashion journalism. The lords and queens of the other media brands should go back to Stylist school. It’s all about the readers, and making us dream.

Thanks Stylist for offering us our weekly fashion fix.

Barbara de Robles

Barbara de Robles, Blog the Dreams: “Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, eclectic and modern city but has a touch of Bohemian and classic style”

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Barcelona is a vibrant and ever changing fashion capital in Europe. A sense of partying which mashes up with Spanish culture. We had a chance to ask few questions to Barbara de Robles from “Blog The Dreams”.

When did you start blogging and why?

I am a social network lover, but I never dared with the blog. I thought that you had to spend too much time on it. The thing is that in my last job as a Receptionist I spent most of my day with the computer without doing much and lot of free time and I went ahead with the blog.

Could you define the Barcelona fashion identity?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, eclectic and modern city but has a touch of Bohemian and classic style and so I think that it is fashion that emerges from the same city… You can see that on the streets, on the buildings and, of course, in the citizens that live here.

Who are the local designers we should discover?

I could mention some of the local designers I know, such as Krizia Robustella, a young girl designer of a very glam and luxury sportive clothing. Also Brain and Beast, with his funny but sophisticated style and, of course, the famous Guillermina Baeza and his amazing swimsuits and bikinis.

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?

Yes, it’s amazing how luxury brands could be influential for changing the consumption patterns of the mainstream, and how the consumerism moves the world, maybe sometimes, not in its best way…

What can we wish you in the future?

I hope someday i find my way, I mean, my professional way… I studied law, but it is not the future I want to have… I’m a fashion lover, and I would like to focus all my habilities on it. My current economic situation makes impossible to study something with fashion related, so i am working very hard by growing with my own blog and cooperating with brands.

trendhim UK

Men’s Style by a Woman: an interview with TrendHimUK

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A mysterious and anonymous lady has decided to help us. Yes, we men need some pieces of advice when it comes to style! An interesting concept developed by TrendHimUK that we wanted to discover…Men’s style by a woman…

When did you start blogging and why?

I’ve always wanted to write about men’s fashion because fashion is not all about women. I felt like men are left aside. :) And I also started a blog in order to use it for the brands that I worked for as their social media content strategist instead of looking for a blogger or trying to convince one to write about my customer’s brand. Then it became a blog by itself. My father loves shopping and wearing good things. I have many male friends who are the same as my father. We go shopping and we spend more time in the men’s section than the women’s section. They also take advice from me.

Fashion can change the world…do you agree?

Fashion can change a person’s world but not the whole world. It gives beauty and perspective though…

Menswear through a more feminine point of view… How would you define the differences between women and men’s perception on fashion?

Women are more into fashion and shopping. It’s in our DNA. We all dress up for ourselves first but at the end of the day we also want other people to like our style and look. We want to impress someone. A man can think that something is sexy or cool for him but maybe his significant other doesn’t think the same way. It’s the same for women too. Men and women have different tastes. Yes, people should wear what they like or what they feel comfortable in but what I do is just giving an outsider opinion in mes’s fashion as a woman.

What can we find on your blog?

You can find the last trends on menswear. The likes and dislikes of me as a woman. “Look of the day” posts with brands and shopping advices.


#CokeByDRx : when Coca-Cola goes fashion

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Dr. Romanelli, aka DRx, “inspired by his own collection of retro Coke clothing, hand-picked from flea markets and vintage stores in his hometown of LA – is launching the 200 piece Coca-Cola by DRx collection, replete with his signature bomber and biker jackets, vests, and cut-and-sew T-shirts”.

It’s an amazing piece of modern pop-art. Just enjoy it:




“Coca-Cola, as a brand, has always exuded such a positive aura – something that has resonated personally with me ever since Coke’s role as a title sponsor at the ’84 Olympics in LA. To have the opportunity to bring my own energy to that aura, and to explore new paths within the brand’s historic design labyrinth, is absolutely a dream come true. It’s equal parts retrospection and innovation.”

DRx, known for his ability to re-animate vintage clothing, is the latest designer to continue in the tradition of re-creating this most storied brand, while making Coke as relevant as ever with a global style audience. “Through these collaborations, the world’s most valuable beverage brand lends its design legacy as a muse. By offering access to its vast vault of vintage designs, it inspires talented individuals to re-conceive Coca-Cola in unique renditions”, says Kate Dwyer, Head of Global Licensing.

The Coca-Cola by DRx collection is now available in stores across the globe, such as Opening Ceremony in NY & LA, Colette in Paris and United Arrows in Japan.