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How to Learn French with Camille Rowe: the reason why fashion should still love France

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Camille Rowe Pourcheresse was our hit-IT-heat-HIP girl in 2012 when our “friends” from fashion magazines were describing her body as “untypical” …Fashion history proved we were right as we now see everywhere a celebration of the diversity of women bodies. Anorexic shooting are now the realy “untypical”.

France as a brand is trying hard to redefine itself. We don’t have the American Dream, our myths and stories are moral, political. Not made for business per se.

Our know-how, our French Touch might be recognized worldwide, but who can really support this vision today? Most of the time, France is associated to a sort of Lost Paradise: Coco Chanel, Marie-Antoinette, Brigitte Bardot, even Carine Roitfeld…aren’t they from the past? Can they really root France in a contemporaneity?

That’s probably what Camille Rowe achieved in her French lesson: playing with clichés about the Frenchie (yes, in London, most of the guys think that our ladies are bipolar!), and suggesting a new interpretation…

A reconciliation of a sweet arrogance with an ultra-feminine power. A woman one might only desire, therefore respect.

As we like to be right, we believe far more in the Made in French instead of focusing on Made in France. France is a spirit before being a body. Camille Rowe proves once again that our French singularity is in this mix between a very physical attractiveness which empowers a captivating personality.

We love this sparkling Parisian woman: she’s evasive and so free. The best way to communicate about a French brand these days is not to tag it or qualify through the fact the brand is actually French. We need to leave the brand express its creativity. The most intriguing, disturbing, bizarre designers are the real French. A French brand should try to love complicated attitudes; French brands should maybe dive in absurdity. French brands should trouble its customers. That’s probably the only difference now of what French brands can bring on the table against every pop brand machine with a too clever, too simple speech. A French brand should be desired, should be tough to get.

Oh and Made in French don’t care about borders and territories: Camille is an American icon and / or French. Do we care?

Vive la République



The Thing About Kate #TopshopxKateMoss

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Whether you love or hate Kate Moss phenomenon, you can’t deny the fact that she’s been controlling the media (and sometimes consumers) attention for many years now.

Topshop made it right: instead of focusing on the new face of their coming collection (that you can shop starting from tomorrow), they highlight “friends” of Kate Moss in this smart video. Informal, informative, highlighting other super stars like Cara Delevingne…and more confidential entourage.

A great document which will probably make even more sense in the next decades…and which is 100% coherent with the collection’s themes:

– tailoring noir

– balearic dressing

– cocktail hour

– pyjama dressing



Georgia May Jagger Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

5 minutes with Georgia May Jagger: beyond fashion

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Meeting Georgia May Jagger was one of the biggest privileges I had as a style blogger. As the face of the Mercedes-Benz GLA campaign, we met her backstage before SIMONGAO catwalk, who’s supported by the German brand as he won the China Young Fashion Award, 2013.

I was expecting a tense meeting, overwhelmed by pushy PR people – it had nothing to do with that. Georgia May Jagger is a beautiful and simple young woman. With dreams, expectations, stories to tell…and a lot to come.

Born as the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall, Georgia May could have been another rich kid on the block. But she’s far more than just a bright heiress. She’s only 22 and she already has this magic glow of big, big stars. Bay Garnett who arranged one of my favourite shootings with GMJ probably summarized the aura of the stellar Jagger:

“I love how Georgia looks like a girl as opposed to a model in the pictures”

Georgia May Jagger by Venetia Scott for Vogue UK October 2013

How do you get ready for a shooting?

I just try to entertain myself. I’m laughing about whatever I’ve done before.

© Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

The last Mercedes Benz campaign is called “always restless“. A perfect match with you as you seem to be a nightbird but not necessarily a party-girl. What is your favourite moment of the night?

I love sunrise, I love 4 in the morning. If I don’t go for sleep for 3am, I stay awake as it’s my witching hour. It’s been a tough week because I need to wake up at 5am thus.

I watched the New Year’s Day’s sunrise. I like to start the New Year fresh with the new sunrise.

After modeling, is there a specific creative field you want to explore?

I went to a school for arts and specifically photography. We call it modelography: models take photos of the models. Hopefully I’m going to go into that. I’m not really into the fashion side of it, I’m more into portrait. I stopped last year when I started start full time modeling. I like Helmut Newton for fashion pictures as it goes beyond fashion, there is a scene… I like Richard Avedon as well!

What’s your power song at the moment?

I have a ladies playlist, Mr Big Stuff, Donna Summer, I like a good disco tune.

You’re also involved in the new Vivienne Westwood campaign “Save The Arctic” that features A-list actors, musicians and models: how do you feel about that?

It’s incredible for me to just be asked to help!


erdem catwalk

London Fashion Week AW14 – Under the Spotlight

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It’s the fashion event that you must pencil into your calendar – of course it’s London Fashion Week. From Somerset House to Kensington Gardens, the streets were filled with fashion bloggers, journalists, socialites and the press who were all fortunate enough to get the first peek at the latest collections – I happened to be one of those lucky few!

On Monday, I set off to the beautiful Somerset House and saw the latest line by M&S who are aiming to bring out the ‘Best of British’. The scene was a simple, minimalist background with a ladder, chair and desk – an unusual set, but it did bring out the best of its 60’s-esque bold coloured swing coats and shift dresses.


I later went to a dim lit, carpeted car park behind Selfridges to see the latest line by Erdem, which was my favourite of the day. Erdem illustrated a mix of contrasting textures such as patent leather on crochet with subdued splashes of gold, grey and scarlet. To put it simply like The Fash Pack have quoted, it was ‘the type of collection that dreams are made of.’  With a revamped version of Heart of Glass by Blondie, the scene was buzzing with an edgy femininity. Simply amazing.


With the spotlights shining on their scraped-back hair, David Koma was the final show of the day. His collection highlighted bold purples and dark greys, with the clothes structured in sharp cuts and finishes. Again, it was a very minimalist, bright lighted scene to emphasise what Koma had to display.

david koma

There is nothing quite like being a part of the camera flashes and loud voices. David Koma and M&S both displayed lovely collections, but the aura was exactly how I imagined a fashion show to be, therefore I wasn’t taken aback. However, Erdem was the stand-out as its unpretentious setting was revamped into an electrifying setting – it was just a shame that it was over so quickly.


When did Miley become more real than a Fashion Blogger?

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For the sake of our ecosystem we had to cry this out. Our darlings and colleagues from the fashion blogosphere have gone too far. We’re not talking about these buffoons roaming the sidewalks during Fashion Week, but really about those delicate creatures that made boys and girls just like us dream of an eternally and integrally beautiful street, populated with muses and characters.

But then Kristina Bazan just released her new version of KAYTURE. As the pinnacle of her later trajectory, it showcases the most surreal shots of a young talented blogger ever. We’re feeling the brands and all these “amazing projects” they’ve submitted to her have alienated the idea of what we used to love about K: a sophisticated spontaneity. She embodied how cool yet charming and level-headed one person could be when it came to fashion perception.

Kayture Collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Now she looks more plastic than any over-the-top luxury campaign. Fake glows and shopped auras have covered the homepage. Thank you Louis V.

And then we watched Miley Cyrus’ music videos again. And somehow it felt more real. Proof that posterizing an icon is a delicate art that even the greatest brands on Earth still have to master.



Vietnamese celebrities embracing international brands

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For the past 6 months I’ve spent in Vietnam, I’ve been quite surprised at the level of integration of international brands in people’s minds. Research used to state that Vietnamese people were very brand sensitive – thank you Burberry and Gucci fakes. But as far as red carpets are concerned, only local designers are still proving to make an impact. Check these shots taken by Saigoneer at Am Muu Giay Got Nhon “How To Fight in Six Inches Heels” Premiere (latest local production that could be Vietnam’s Devil Wears Prada).

Their names are Anna Vo, Cong Tri, Do Manh Cuong, Phuong My… and they are showbiz favorites.

But change is coming. A few models and celebrities have been spotted sporting contemporary international designer brands, from Chloé to Balenciaga and Dior. Spearheading this trend are model Mai Phuong Thuy – seen at Chloé and Dior events, and celebrity Ly Nha Ky, seen at Paris Fashion Week and featured in street style shots by Vogue, making the pride of local media.

Supporting this broadened attention for international brands, concept stores Runway are keeping up with the sharpest selections worldwide, bringing in hot and confidential The Row, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne as well as french darlings Tara Jarmon or Vanessa Bruno in the past months.


CFDA: Get lucky cover. When menswear and fashion play with popular beats.

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We’re normally pretty reluctant when it comes to the equation MEN + CATWALKS but in this case, we’re totally fan.

The Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) released this fashion UFO, with models wearing the 3 “Menswear Designer of the Year” ‘ nominees’ creations (Thom Browne, Duckie Brown, & Michael Bastian),all singing the summer hit: Get Lucky (Daft Punk) a capella por favor.

This film is relevant and powerful. There’s humor, a balance between chic elegance and totally disruptive and fun happenings. This looks like a Glee Club for a certain elite, diversified, but minimal. A sophisticated man, but not showing off. Menswear could be a deaf passion, a rough beauty with meanings.



prenez l'air avec francis le slip français

Francis’ underpants vs David Beckham boxers: the revolt of man

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Yes, we were sort of fed up with H&M advertising, presenting a gorgeous and tattooed Beckham, all over the world. A bit too easy and unrealistic for us: a precious groomed man, a **** that you could imagine through the black & white processing…It seemed a lot like what women suffer from with Photoshopped pictures of models.

But a French man uprose. Francis, thanks to the Slip Français (a very popular and trendy underpants brand in France), decided to revolt.

Francis launched an amazing concept called “Sliptime Around The World“. What sounds like a joke is actually a very inspiring and freeing initiative to better consume and better consider our self-esteem.  And you readers are lucky: we’ve interviewed him.

Sliptime Around the World: what’s the big idea?

Sliptime is first and foremost a sort of resistance: wearing underpants when you’re a regular guy, in natural landscapes. It goes against the diktat of boxers, which are highlighted in ads, using professional models.

Is it the new “punk” to wear underpants all over the world?

I don’t think so. I don’t consider it like that. And it’s not really new: I’ve started the project in 2007.

How did you start your collaboration with Le Slip Français?

Last year, I discovered Le Slip Français and I immediately loved their work: humor, young, dynamic, fresh. It totally suits my Sliptime Around The World. I sent an email to Guillaume (the founder of Le Slip Français) and he quickly endorsed me.

What can we wish you?

To keep on discovering beautiful landscapes, with my underpants!

Korin Avraham fashion blogger israel

May Cover Girl: Korin Avraham

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We had a chance to finally meet Korin Avraham in London, on a sunny morning. Energetic, determined, Korin is one of the very first Israeli bloggers to reach a certain notoriety abroad. In her bag, she brought so many amazing outfits: prints, local designers, vintage, but also Dr Martens (the crazy pink shoes on the photo below). She’s our cover girl of the month.

 You’re one of the very first Israeli fashion bloggers to export your style abroad: how would you define it?

I live by one simple rule when it comes to fashion: never take yourself too seriously! My wardrobe contains all kind of outfits, vintage, classic, simple and elegant, bright colors, crazy prints and lots of accessories.
I never plan what to wear, I wake up in the morning in a certain mood and try to find an outfit to express my feelings.
Just as I don’t have boundaries with my style, I found myself develop a desire to enrich people who love fashion wherever they may be, and so that’s why I started to post in English, and built up a community from various corners of the world. I also lived in NYC for a while and worked in the fashion industry and was known as the ‘Israeli fashionista’ there.

You used to be a lawyer: how did you decide to dedicate yourself to fashion blogging?

I still work part time as a lawyer (and always dress up when i go to court). However blogging is not work for me as I love doing it and it feels so neutral.

What are your favorite brands?

My favorite designers are Moschino and Chanel but I love pieces which are made with love and creativity even if its not a known brand.

Israeli brands we should discover?

Inbal Dror for wedding dresses, Alon Livne, Yosef, Tamar Primak, Tami Bar Lev, Dorit Bar Or.

cara delevingne lol fashion

Cara Delevingne: the girl who created LOL-Fashion

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The fashion world often needs to highlight the NEXT icons. Because brands have been pretty unfaithful with top models: goodbye Naomi, Claudia et caetera! Millions of new faces are inhabiting fashion collections: actresses like Zooey Deschanel or Jessica Chastain are now bankable for selling style. In the meantime, communities of bloggers or influencers are the new hype when it comes to collaborations; because we are the living girl-next-door (and boy, thus).

© Cara Delevingne (instagram)

In London, during Fashion Week, we’ve only seen ONE girl. Cara Delevingne. A ticking catwalk bomb. She was the big star at Topshop Unique, Mulberry…She partied hard with Rihanna, while magazines were speculating on her love relationships. Rita Ora? One Direction guy? Even Prince Harry! And a lot of the tycoons declared that Cara is the new Kate Moss. We actually think that media go a bit too fast; and that Cara is far different from Kate. For our own pleasure.

Cara Delevingne created a new trend: the LOL Fashion. Let’s analyze what it’s all about.

Cara Delevingne, a modern Brit

She’s the grand-daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the founder of “Radio Caroline” in the 60s. A fusion of Establishment & Rock’n roll, that we also find in Cara. She handles royal friendships and underground address book. She’s the girl that everybody knows and envies: the cool pretty girl, but with VIP bullets. She can wear a beanie or a Burberry suit: she rocks. She unifies East and West London; and that’s a performance.

© Laurent Francois ( lilzeon ) / ViewsCo

Cara Delevingne, digital MC

Ages ago, and still in Hollywood, PA and PR used to tell to their clients to over-protect their lives. When it comes to Cara Delevingne, it’s exactly the opposite: she tells us a daily story, bypassing traditional media channels. During #LFW she posted more than 10 posts per day in average, attracting 50 000 new followers every 24H. A massive gravity law on planet Cara. This “LOL Fashion” is also close to theLOL casualness” concerning luxury brands.

Cara Delevingne plays with digital gimmicks and habits, as with this Harlem Shake:

Cara Delevingne, close to the Teens

In France, models and “stars” tend to be distant with fans. But Cara Delevingne spends time taking pictures with them, chatting with them, taking care of them. Cara spreads the love. Cara Delevingne understood that her business is not fashion only: it’s entertainment.

Cara Delevingne, Lolita

From our male eyes, of course slightly in love with her, we transfer a sort of guilty feeling for this modern icon, cheeky, and not that far from a Facebook poke. Film industry and literature offered us thousands times this aesthetic process; at the end, Mena Suvari was long ago this venomous girl next door for 40 something daddies in American Beauty.  It was in 1999. We’re now in 2013, we just replicate 10 hours of Nyancat or 10 years of Lolitas. Is Cara really the future, then?

Mena Suvari (American Beauty – S. Mendes – 1999)