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JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup 2

JORD Wood Watch review: pleasure for the eyes and for the skin

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When it comes to watches, men are extremely demanding. It’s probably one of the few accessories we dare to wear.

A watch is highly personal; an immediate contact with our skin. An object we like to see changing with time, with our special moments. A companion of our love, encounters, meetings, pains and hopes.

So, when JORD suggested a review of their wooden watches, I was initially very surprised. Wood? And watch? How is that even possible. And actually, few other bloggers had already expressed a positive opinion on that matter.

I can now confess: they were right.
JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup

The wood of the Delmar model is extremely comfortable. It’s very light, gives a non-aggressive look and feel to your daily outfits. I also love putting my watch out of my wrist on my desk when I work. It’s a very nice and elegant object, which can totally match a nice Moleskine. I also like the fact it’s pretty similar to the design furniture we have in our loft, made of recycled wood and garment.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar watch

The display is very clear; despite a pretty big surface for this model, it doesn’t seem “bling”.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar


I also like the fact that this kind of watch can go vintage pretty well. Wood tends to change its colour with time, and will later give this little something that makes your object and its history really yours.

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

Kanye West

“The world can be saved through design” – Kanye West

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We’re amazed at how the auto-proclaimed “biggest rockstar of all” Kanye West has managed to make a move on the whole media-sensitive creative sphere. As reluctant as the so-called underground scene might feel, Ye is smartly sharing his point to the world. After crying out loud on general media, M. West also took the discreet and subtle time to talk to the ones he says he defends: the creative minds.

Here he is, having a sweet talk to the ears of Harvard Graduate School of Design, waivering some subtle humor: “I’m not a politician, I am – at my best – politically incorrect”, and keeping his cool. No Rant For Once!

Creative genius? Who are we to judge. But Marketing genius? Definitely.

Mara-Hoffman-Mercedes benz

Mercedes-Benz convertible cars: the Fashion Weeks’ favorite vessels

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The long-lasting relationship of convertible cars and fashion is arguably one of the most solid affairs within the fash world.

Mercedes-Benz has further nurtured the links between its own range of convertible cars by actively promoting the fashion business since it first sponsored the London Fashion Week in 2009.

Not only the German car brand has sponsored the Mercedes-Benz LFW for the past years, but its most covetable cars have done the catwalks around the world and became fashion items

Mercedes convertible cars have been used in fashion shoots for decades, being used to automatically inject that little bit of rock’n’roll glam into the brand itself. Ultimately, the cars also provide that needed coherence along the narrative lines, instantly upgrading the advertising to a piece of artwork.

However, the Mercedes isn’t always just a prop in a fashion editorial’s glossy pages. Thanks to the personal touch of Mara Hoffman, the designer’s print Mercedes convertible stole the limelight earlier this year at the Miami Swim Week. The designer’s unique fashion sense went into action, covering the car in the bright, statement prints that she is rapidly becoming known for. This particular design was to celebrate Mara’s appointment to the ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ designer, alongside 30 of the industry’s most influential designers.


Free New Slaves: Alexander Wang vs Jay Z videos

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This week two videos of exceptional events in NYC hit the tubes with a curious common background. On one hand the hottest top designer Alexander Wang – fascinating fashionisti worldwide as well as God himself: Kanye West, on the other the biggest player in the rap game: Jay Z.

First pictures come from the now famous Undisclosed Event of Fall 2013 T by Alexander Wang, that saw a horde of fans gone wild in a warehouse free release of T products. We’ve been wondering if this was faked as a postmodern crowd performance serving the brand, but apparently the operation was staged to obtain this crazy frenzy naturally. Thus proving our friend Kanye right: NEW SLAVES.

The other video comes from a rare performance by Jay Z serving 6 hours of Picasso Baby in a contemporary art gallery, hosting a truckload of hip friends coming to share the light, among those the whole GIRLS cast including our darling Jemima Kirke else found would be underrated actor Alan Cumming, and other NYC most wanted underground socialites.

Actually we’re wondering which one of these two clips is the most intriguing. The one where the king of his own industry just makes sure to name drop his art into legimity, or the other connecting dots between social observation, art expression and deliberate marketed promotion at the same time… Frankly, NYC is too big a platform for other stages to compare for now. Wake up Europe!

michelle williams louis vuitton

Michelle Williams x Louis Vuitton: behind the scenes of a major brand revamping

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It might sound like a random release of another actress being endorsed by a brand, but in the case of Michelle Williams and Louis Vuitton, it’s probably a bit deeper than that.

Michelle Williams was selected by Louis Vuitton for her independent spirit with which she has forged her path through Hollywood defined by her outstanding talent, her passion for her craft, and her choice of daring and challenging roles,”

Maybe. But as the French iconic brand is now engaging a major revamping, this release is actually a very good sign.

Louis Vuitton is back in business in the sense that Michelle Williams’ has never accepted any fashion endorsement, except for Band of Outsiders for spring/summer 2012. Louis Vuitton gets what other brands can’t achieve.

The next move will be to create contents or partnerships that are truly unique to other luxury brands. A bit like Sprouse, now ages ago.

But hey: even if we’re sometimes pretty harsh with LV, we bet they’re going to make it.

lea seydoux rag bone

Lea Seydoux and Michael Pitt on the rocks for Rag & Bone FW 13 campaign

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Rag & Bone keeps rocking. After a promising SS14 show during LCM, the NYC label has just revealed an interesting ad campaign for its Fall Winter 2013 collection.

rag-bone-aw-adshe s

Lea Seydoux and Michael Pitt are the new icons of the brand. Glen Luchford, Palme d’Or s’il vous plait, shot the 2 megastars in a very Taxi Driver like New York.

“For us, it’s all about using individuals we view as iconic characters and Léa and Michael absolutely represent the spirit of the brand. They’re both genuine, cool people,” explains Marcus Wainwright

Fleur Huynh

Fleur Huynh: “My closet is like a private club”

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Time for a new interview with another top fashion influencer! Today, meet Fleur Huynh, fashion editor for Apollo Novo, a France-based men’s fashion magazine. Together, we’ll enter her back-to-black wardrobe, and ask about her favorite pieces of clothing.


Rumor Time! Does every fashion editor have a house-sized closet?

Well, how to start… when you live in Paris, it is pretty hard to have an house-sized apartment to hold the house-sized closet, but I luckily have quite a big space to store it all…in my bedroom, in my living room, but also at my dad’s, and I don’t even mention what I left in Australia! (I was supposed to come back for a three-month holidays break in Paris, and in fact, it’s now been two years. The city has kidnapped me!) Funnily enough, I always wear the same things. My closet is always full of pieces I am pulling out for work from designers showrooms… Pieces come in and out, I mainly do menswear so the temptation isn’t killing as much as when I have to give it back.

Are you attached to one piece in particular? What’s it’s story?

My leather jacket and my capeline hat. If you know me a little, you would know that my closet is like a private club, whatever isn’t leather and black do not go in. I look like a raven most days. My leather jacket was a present from my Mum five years ago and I don’t think I have ever worn a piece more in my entire life. It is not a designer piece, it is from a little shop in Australia. I had doubts the few first time I wore it… now it is THE staple piece of my wardrobe. The day it will die on me will be a hard time so I will do everything for it not to happen.

The hat, very Saint-Laurent. It is an extension of myself now. I got it as it was raining and I was lazy to hold an umbrella at that time. It is one piece that brings any of my outfits to the next level.


Who’s your favorite designer? Does he/she affects your work?

I have an undying love for the designer Jean-Claude Jitrois artistry. He truly masters leather and I can not deny my passion for it. Any pieces has its sexiness and sleekness, and make you feel like a vixen, strong and powerful. I also adore Zana Bayne who designs modern leather harnesses. I love mixing styles and textures within my work, like adding a harness to a sleek Dior Homme suit. This balance of chic, sexy and edgy, mixing texture, culture and gender… I must say I love my job.


Moving on to the bag, any unexpected item to declare?

My bag is what inspired the souks of Marrakesh I believe… Ipad, sewing kits and cutlery… I live for picnics with my friends. If the picnic becomes too opulent and the clothes tear apart, it can be fixed. Always. I am like Mac Giver.


Tell me more about a weird fashion habit of yours.

Wearing exclusively black is not that weird of a fashion habit… Though, when your friends ask you how you are feeling today with a concerned voice because you are, for once, somehow wearing that royal blue jacket… It seems good enough to be pointed out.


If you could hide any fashion piece from this season in your bag, what would it be?

Ryan Gosling and his white t-shirt from Drive… That is totally an “In trend fashion piece”, right?




Fair Trade from China

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Curiously a few weeks after the sad collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh, we have received in our mailbox a quite rare type of contact. A chinese sports shoes factory/brand had decided to reach out to us and bring its work to our attention. What has really frozen our minds is not the product itself, but the way our contact methodically introduced its work: not only did he produce a lookbook, he sent a whole 9-page company profile auditing its production chain, its social support (workers care and accomodations), as well as its paperwork including … a fire service inspection notice. Obviously, we immediately thought this new corporate and RP attention to what’s behind the curtain was interesting enough to be shared.

cap1 cap2

Hong Kong Tatler april 2013

Hong Kong Tatler: when deviant art inspirations take the lead on their cover

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We were astonished and happy to discover the new cover for April issue of Hong Kong Tatler; Brandon Chau (founder of A-life Academy), Nissim Tse (black belt instructor in Shorinjiryu karate as well as director of Sofaer Global Research HK),  Hing Chao, Philip Kwok (chairman of the Shotokan Karate International of Hong Kong), Albert Wong (Eastern Worldwide Company), and Alex Shum wear diverse Ninja / karate outfits.

It could have been totally cheap and an open gate to mockery, but the result is absolutely gorgeous.

Not surprising when you know the excellent reputation of the magazine.

Ha, western magazines should probably get a bit more inspired. HK rules.