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Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson x Björn Borg: streets as the never ending fashion playground

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One of the world’s best parkour and free running athletes Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson from Helsingborg, Sweden is joining forces with the clothing and underwear brand, Björn Borg. Zyrken is known for his creative vaults and tricks with excellent acrobatic control.

Zyrken  Bjorn Borg

Zyrken is a former gymnast that started his career in Parkour and free running when he was fifteen years old. He has been active for around ten years and runs the largest free running team in Sweden. Zyrken has been on the winner’s stand in most prestigious competitions in Parkour and Freerunning for the last 6 years. But what is Parkour actually?

“a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible.They do this using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves; furthermore, they try to maintain as much momentum as is possible in a safe manner. Parkour can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation.”

That’s interesting because Parkour, like skateboarding or aggressive in-line skating, tries to think differently elements from our daily lives: urban equipment, handrails, blocks. A natural match with fashion which tries to synthesise loads of cultural inspirations surrounding us.

The collaboration with Björn Borg runs as of July 1st, 2014. Previously this year, Björn Borg signed with Olympian freeskier Henrik Harlaut and Olympian speed skater Koen Verweij. Björn Borg will challenge Zyrken on a Swedish Mission later this year.

“We have followed Zyrken for a while and are amazed by his energy and skills. We immediately saw a great brand fit: Zyrken is both colourful and brave, just as the people who wear our products”, says Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director at Björn Borg

A good move for the brand to set up more urban roots.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Film Spring/Summer 2015

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Mercedes-Benz teamed up with designer Haider Ackermann and directors Roe Ethridge and Andre Chemetoff to create an intriguing and fascinating fashion film starring Tilda Swinton and the Classe S Coupé. The film shows a cunning ensemble of character, wilderness and mystery. Fashion and automobile at their most special standard.


paul smith screenshot freestyle football

Paul Smith celebrates World Cup with John Farnsworth #football #freestyle

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When Paul Smith commissioned the young British director  Oliver Hadlee Pearch and the talented football freestyler John Farnsworth to work together, the result is just awesome.

Paul Smith celebrates a summer of football with a short that takes a schoolyard kick-about to one of the designer’s most iconic shops in Notting Hill:

A nice wink to the world cup with a British twist. We hope we’ll seen smart moves like these in the next weeks.


cut2-1-737x1024 COS Al's grand hotel

COS x Frieze Art Fair : the come back of Al’s Grand Hotel

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COS is supporting a very interesting project which will happen at Frieze Art fair: the tribute to Allen Ruppersberg’s Al’s Grand Hotel.

The legendary temporary hotel was realized 1971 in LA. Open for six weeks, the hotel gathered artists, hosted performances and parties. Guests could also spend the night.

As En-Chia Tsai explains:

He has turned a two-storey house at Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles into a hotel, as an artistic experiment. Although it was not a commercial undertaking, Ruppersberg treated the seven guest rooms seriously. He named the rooms individually- the Jesus Room, the Al Room, The Bridal Suite, the Breakfast Room, and Day Room, the Ultra Violet Room and the B Room; each one themed and built with vernacular materials. What’s more, Ruppersberg has made it possible for visitors to stay for a night with $30 forthe Suite, and $15 for other rooms.

COS also commissioned a film by director Simon Elephant; the analogy of the phoenix is very well executed as you’ll see. A subtle bridge between fashion and contemporary arts.

A good move from COS as the brand is attacking the US market starting from June…


O’Neill reminds us that today is perfect

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We like beaches, surfing and rock’n roll. And when it comes to style x surf, we become very hungry…
O’Neill has decided to start an original road-trip starting in the UK:

Sit back, relax and fasten those seat belts, the O’Neill Today is Perfect Road Trip is about to commence. No longer a rumour and far more a reality, the Californian lifestyle brand has finally revealed its unique tour bus that’s geared up and ready to take to the streets early next week. Making those surfing dreams a reality, the original wetsuit brand has packed its map and pencilled in one hell of a road trip.

Decked out from boot to bonnet, the new look surf wagon has been ‘madeover’ using recycled and upcycled materials giving it a cool new look with an old school vibe. Boasting reclaimed wood flooring, hand crafted tables, eco showers and wetsuit inspired seats, the O’Neill Tour Bus is every wave lover’s dream.

Starting its busy British schedule in mid-May the bus will make its first scheduled stop in the sunny, surf town of Newquay. Meandering its way along Britain’s picturesque southwest coast & hitting up a selection of the best surf spots, the diary is stacked with pro coaching sessions, product testing, onboard DJ’s and plenty of time in the water.  Set to cause a stir at some legendary UK festivals this summer, the bus will also be pulling up the handbrake at O’Neill Electric Beach Festival, Leopallooza and Boardmasters. Set to cause a stir at some legendary UK festivals this summer, the bus will also be pulling up the handbrake at O’Neill Electric Beach Festival, Leopallooza and Boardmasters.

Like every great surf trip, where there’s decent swell you have to put the brakes on, so rest assured the O’Neill Tour Bus will be stopping wherever the waves are good. Of course a trip like this wouldn’t be complete without boards and action cams so O’Neill have kindly invited Firewire Surfboards and iON Camera’s along for the ride!”


Life is a beautiful sport with Lacoste #livebeautifully

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You know how much we love the new Lacoste. The iconic French brand is slightly becoming a cultural movement, diving into subcultures and niche inspirations. You can have a look at our last collaboration with them, featuring the famous Lacoste polo. We've been asked to promote their last video called "Life is a beautiful sport", but we've sincerely been moved by the simplicity of the story. Enjoy now:


Directed by Seb Edwards and produced by Wanda (I used to work with them ages ago!) and BETC France. the film is much more than a tagline, it’s a new promise from Lacoste that establishes its founding values. Lacoste’s founder, Rene Lacoste considered sport as a proof of tenacity, engagement and panache. The video shows an epic story of a first kiss and of a man overcoming his fears to show a woman he loves her… Discover yourself here.

What's even better is that instead of focusing on nostalgia, Lacoste makes a celebration of the NOW. That's good because  Lacoste can then become our preferred baggage instead of focusing on its past. Exciting

The film displays a wonderful tribute to everyday unexpected encounters: the mights and magics of people falling in love, the transformation of a street which suddenly becomes a theatre for extraordinary  random people.

In that case, “Life is a beautiful sport”


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Adidas Skateboarding Copa Jersey: cultural preparation for World Cup in Brazil

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That’s another genius move by Adidas; few months before World Cup (yes, THE World Cup), the brand decided to engage skateboarders all over the planet. The guys wear a Skate Copa jersey which matches local deck brands. And it rocks.

Benny Fairfax with Palace for England, Lucas Puig with Cliché for France, Mark Gonzales with Krooked for the USA, Raul Navarro with Western Edition for Spain, Rodrigo TX with DGK for Brazil and Lem Villemin with Cliché for Germany.

It’s pretty smart for Adidas as “soccer” (yes, in the US, you guys call it SOCCER, come on :p ) is not yet #1 sport in the US whereas skateboard is a massive business. It’s also very original as it creates strong ties between universes that use to not communicate. Things have changed with street football performers but still…


Maje for K-Way: fashionably correct

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We’ve followed the reboot of K-Way brand for the last couple of months. And it’s seriously interesting; what used to be the nylon windbreaker that every sporty-daddy had to wear during week-end adventures has suddenly become a fashionable and must-have piece.

Judith Milgrom, the founder of Maje created four new designs available in gray or leopard print. The limited edition capsule collection will go on sale in February.


“First created in 1965 by Léon-Claude Duhamel, a French manufacturer of pants, the nylon windbreaker quickly became one of K-Way‘s iconic pieces, thanks to its lightweight, compactable design. Following collaborations with A.P.C. in 2009 and Versus Versace last September, K-Way is now joining up with womenswear label Maje on a limited edition range of windbreakers. The capsule collection, available from February, is made up of four styles in polyester knit or nylon, bringing a modern edge to a wet weather classic. Oversized or fitted, each K-Way is available in four different colors: pale gray, black leopard print, gray leopard print and dark gray”.


David Beckham-ing for H&M SuperBowl- #Covered or #Uncovered?

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We’re not necessarily the biggest fans of David Beckham; he might represent a certain idea of manhood that we’re not very keen to promote.

Nonetheless, things have changed and David Beckham added a cool stuff to his most wanted body language: humor and second degree.

So H&M asks us to choose the David Beckham for H&M campaign film for Super Bowl, by voting for our favourite version here: Will he be #covered or #uncovered?

It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s mainstream thus. And it adds some personality to a guy who’s probably far more interesting than his physics only.

the men inside the suits

The men inside the suits by Guinness

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Guinness is back on track with “Made of More“, a very interesting positioning which explores a wide diversity of deep topics like disability.

Guinness has  just revealed an interesting short film / documentary  about so-called “sapeurs”,  (you can check an article we’ve written in French about photographer Baudouin Mouanda and our full review).

It’s very interesting to see that it’s a FMCG brand and not a fashion one which tries to reach and highlight more unexpected trends and people.