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Why Fashion Revolution is a failed attempt to fight Fast Fashion

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Let’s be honest. We. All. Agree. That fast fashion is unethical. And. We. All. Know. That fast fashion is bad. It’s made by children, in unsafe conditions, with polluting materials. And it’s cheap. And seriously, no one looks good in Primark outfits.

But while H&M and the misguided MIA successfully pirated Fashion Revolution’s Week with their own initiative based on the Recycling idea, we can’t help but point out that our green fashion friends are also misguided in their online outraged rants.

Of course H&M’s initiative is greenwashing. Of course it is commercial. But that’s the point. They are relevant because they are still doing business while addressing ethical topics.

On the other hand, Fashion Revolution’s community opposes : Questions. As if questions will change the game.

Sorry, but no. Business will change the game. The only way for the fashion industry to evolve is to improve business operations while including ethical and responsible decisions.

Many young ethical brands fail, because their brand is focusing too much on activism, marketing their fashion through its ethical quality only, while what sells for a fashion brand (however ethical it is) is design and trend relevance. And business efficiency.

If your brand uses great materials, names itself “green something”, and keeps tweeting about Fashion Revolution, but has not invested in : creative direction, production management and sales development. Then you will fail. And there will be no impact in complaining about H&M’s marketing games.

Ethical Fashion now needs investors. As an industry. Not ambassadors. It is not a cause anymore. If it remains one, it will be lost.

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Vietnam-Based Designer goes Worldwide with crowdfunding

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How many Vietnamese brands can you name except the informal international NGUYEN diaspora? Not many, but things are going to change. Rice Creative team, a branding and creative agency based in Ho Chi Minh City (currently hosting Boulevardier co-founder VQ) has been monitoring the pulse of creative and exportable businesses in Vietnam for a few years and coined a term defining a new wave of creators destined to make a hit worldwide: “Neue Vietnam”.

Among this handful of relevant brands making their way on the international scene is found Linda Mai Phung. The french-born designer has been developing a womenswear designer brand for 5 years and is now looking to expand. Their first round of fundsraising is crowd-oriented, while preparing to welcome private equity investors. These latter are still discovering the market that hosts Linda Mai Phung and things will pick up in the coming months, but the brand is already set to start an ambitious growth.

Defended successfully for 5 years on limited funds, the brand has been recognized with awards and press coverage in Europe.

In this unique configuration, Linda Mai Phung is turning to fashion-savvy consumers and activists to support her brand development.

Our editorial team is taking a specific interest in this campaign, as it has followed the brand’s activity for a while and has found its potential unlimited, should relevant funds be raised. Talent and ethical vision cohabitate in this singular brand profile. Authenticity and metropolitan style adequacy are still rare on the market, as is the opportunity to invest in such promising brand.

Discover Linda Mai Phung brand in the video below, and click on this photo to learn more about the Ulule crowdfunding campaign currently running for the brand.

Bet with us and make a difference on the fashion scene! The course of future fashion is ours to set.


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I Can’t Breathe. With Comic or Sans?

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While the #icantbreathe protest campaign gets traction following NBA superstars involvement and a hint of Jay Z support, some observers have started issuing judgements on the quality of the action. This Hypebeast post will attest to the extent of the “outrage”. (Haters gotta hate)

Everyone will have to admit – well, apparently not these guys – that Comic Sans was not the best font to convey the message protesting the aftermath of the sad and upsetting Eric Garner affair. While notorious stars such as Jay Z and LeBron James have invested heavily money or their name into designed collaborations with clothing/sportswear brands (Rocawear, Nike…) resulting in quite decent and even outstanding design and impact on the communities, one can admittedly raise a (uni)brow at this quite amateur roll-out. Proof here:



But designers with an engaged will to make the world better have decided to help, and have come up with alternate visuals to vehiculate the cause. I Can’t Breathe is a serious social affair, and obviously deserves an appropriate effort. Here it is. Guys and girls out there, please share. Surpassing the style, the context and the political statement at hand matters. Black lives matter. All lives matter. We hope to contribute to change, somehow, here, now. #fashioncanchangetheworld


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unexpected chicago pregnancy

Unexpected? by Chicago Department of Public Health

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Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has just released a very interesting campaign, aimed to spread the word about unexpected pregnancy among teens.

This provocative campaign is great: it presents boys who seem … pregnant. Another great move to incite teenagers to use condoms to avoid unexpected pregnancy or STIs.

The codes of communication use a lot of references to menswear: let’s hope it’ll generate as much attention!

chicago unexpected pregnancyse condoms.


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Fashion & feminism(s)

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It’s Sunday, and Sundays are made for discoveries; among diverse talents we often read, we love Rosalind Jana – Vogue Talent Contest Winner 2011 (writing) – who often mixes photography and great thoughts. As today in France, there’s a strong debate around wedding, it’s always refreshing to find the big picture.

Concerning feminism(s), you should really read Rosalind‘s POV; here’s a sample:

“It was Alice [Blackhurst]’s final point that struck me as the most pertinent. She argues that: “In their mutual concern for new forms, new structures, and new ‘modes’ of expression in society, feminism and fashion might be allies.  But first, she says, we might have to re-define feminism – replacing ‘Feminism’ with a capital F with plural and diverse ‘feminisms’. Feminism encompasses numerous areas requiring different approaches and solutions. It is like a kaleidoscope – multi-faceted. New perspectives emerge all the time, and these must be recognised. That kaleidoscope analogy is appropriate for fashion too. Clothing has varying functions and purposes: to be sensuous, to be practical, to provide a uniform, to be outrageous, to blend in. But for me it’s the dressing up, the donning of a costume, that thrills the most.”
Very inspiring as there’s a real crisis/change which needs to make us reinvent feminism. I don’t have yet any final clue thus I know that it should not be bound to genre; you were born male, female, but – it may sound naive – the world is then yours.
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Battling BARE: chasing war ghosts

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“Broken by battle…
Wounded by war…
My love is FOREVER–to you this I SWORE.
Quiet your silent screams…
Help heal your shattered soul…
Until once again, my love…
Battle bare.”


If you haven’t heard about Battling BARE, you’d better have a look at their Facebook page. The idea is to try to generate some attention on US soldiers post-trauma, a topic which is becoming a growing concern…

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charlotte gainsbourg tommy hilfiger bhi

Tommy Hilfiger: Limited Edition Bag with Charlotte Gainsbourg for BHI

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What if fashion and poetry could work hand in hand to raise awareness against a specific disease?

For the 6th year, Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Breast Health Institute. Drew Barrymore shot this year’s  ambassador,  Charlotte Gainsbourg. The idea is that the proceeds of each limited edition bag will go directly to The Fund For Living.

Too bad for us, the bag is already sold out, but good news for the cause!






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H&M Fashion Against Aids

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H&M has just pre-launched its new platform “H&M Fashion Against Aids”. The idea is quite simple:

“Show your support and upload your make-out picture. For every entry, H&M will donate $1 to HIV/AIDS prevention. Don’t be shy, it’s for a good cause!”
It’ll be fully available early April.


As Wendy wrote earlier: “25% of all sales will go directly to a variety of international youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects“.


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