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Are Adidas NMDs over-rated?

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Not one days seems to pass without a notification of a new NMD release.

The range seems to be endless: new colors, new materials, new variants. But at the same time, none is ever really available.

Adidas and sneakerheads may feel this is exclusivity, therefore it is desirability, therefore it is a relevant product.

But looking at the streets (even more here in Asia – where counterfeits are legion), NMDs are already everywhere, contradicting the idea seeded by the SOLD OUT tags that this must-have is rare.

Somehow, Adidas seems to have created a mutant product: part Air Max for its ubiquitious success, part Yeezy for its limited assortment.

So should most discerning style men find a way to cop their own pair of NMDs? Not so sure.

I’ve walked around Atlanta, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City with a pair of widely available Tubular X Primeknit, and somehow caught great attention and awe from bystanders and friends. Had I run around the same places with a pair of NMDs, I would have looked like any other desperate consumer. Sorry fuccbois.

Faux-Rarity is already over-rated.


JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup 2

JORD Wood Watch review: pleasure for the eyes and for the skin

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When it comes to watches, men are extremely demanding. It’s probably one of the few accessories we dare to wear.

A watch is highly personal; an immediate contact with our skin. An object we like to see changing with time, with our special moments. A companion of our love, encounters, meetings, pains and hopes.

So, when JORD suggested a review of their wooden watches, I was initially very surprised. Wood? And watch? How is that even possible. And actually, few other bloggers had already expressed a positive opinion on that matter.

I can now confess: they were right.
JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup

The wood of the Delmar model is extremely comfortable. It’s very light, gives a non-aggressive look and feel to your daily outfits. I also love putting my watch out of my wrist on my desk when I work. It’s a very nice and elegant object, which can totally match a nice Moleskine. I also like the fact it’s pretty similar to the design furniture we have in our loft, made of recycled wood and garment.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar watch

The display is very clear; despite a pretty big surface for this model, it doesn’t seem “bling”.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar


I also like the fact that this kind of watch can go vintage pretty well. Wood tends to change its colour with time, and will later give this little something that makes your object and its history really yours.

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

superdry selecao

Superdry Varsity Track t-shirt: London inspiration (and win a T-shirt!)

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Superdry men’s Varsity Track t-shirt is inspired by classic college sports design. And as a former UCLA student, it reminded me great memories. Learning to play “American football” (while we were supposed to play “soccer”, uh!), chilling down the dorms with great folks from all over the world. Doing some sports, 24h/7.

So when Superdry asked us to do a product review, we said yes! Oh and between: you can win one t-shirt if you comment and explain who was (or is) your favourite mate at College!

superdry selecao 3

The famous Superdry men’s Varsity Track t-shirt, some vintage Nike sneakers, few accessories for a good session..

superdry selecao 2

Detail of the box.


superdry selecao 5

Sunset in London: track & field changed a lot as you can see. The crew neck t-shirt features a rubberised chest print and is finished with a three-colour Superdry logo tab on the sleeve. And the quality is pretty high, so expect to keep for a very long time!

woodzee collaboration

Americana – London. A journey through Woodzee eyes

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America. When you’re a European, obviously French and Londoner, many pictures come to mind. Road signs, hip-hop culture, Obama, McDonalds, California girls, NYC girls.
Energy, flights and jet-lag. A pack of sleepless talks and infatuation for parallel timelines.

The guys at Woodzee had the good idea to send me a gorgeous pair of Bamboo black Sierra, made of wood and eco-friendly process. And those shades quickly became my best allies from Commercial Road, London, to East Village, NYC.

woodzee 1

Shades are not any fashion accessory; they are a sort of protection for the solo traveller. An ally which helps you when you arrive in a bar, and that you try to fuse with the locals. Yes, shades can surprisingly enough be the big difference between tourists who will always look tourists. And guys who are afraid of being associated to them. It’s OK being a foreigner, and in my case a Frenchman in New York. But as time runs fast, it might sound absurd, but a style or an attitude can help in meeting interesting people. Or at least connecting with a local mood or environment.

Some people have a drink to feel better and start chatting. Some others are too scared to leave their hotel room. In my case, if you give me nice sunglasses, I can feel more confident.

If you’ve ever read the Smurfs, there’s this episode when a pretty shy guy puts some marmalade on his nose…and because of this artefact, he wins the Olympic Games. Shades are my marmalade. 

woodzee 3

There’s something cool when you wear cool shades: the world become slightly different; colours change, become more intense. Or at least you perceive what’s more intense than the other buildings or urban elements.

woodzee NYC

Putting down your glasses on a table is also a key element of one’s personality. Some guys put them on their head; some others hang them on their shirt. Some others sort them in their boxes. And some guys like me let them live their lives in a Japanese restaurant. You’re intimately attached to what you left behind…and forefront.

woodzee americana


woodzee NYC standard


Flying back to London, I had this doubt in my mind; did I really live this American journey? Did I meet this American girl wearing stars and stripes? Did I lose myself in some shady bars?

For sure not. I think I’ve lived a lot in few hours there. And no doubt I had a good filter to protect my steps.


Thank you Woodzee for this collaboration! Oh and guys, you can discover their new skateboard collection



– secret rooftop East London

– The Standard, East Village, NYC


Are Apple’s iPhone 6 and Watch items of Fashion?

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Apple did not ninja-launch their seasonal batch of new products for sure. A few hours before the Keynote introducing yet another iPhone and a Watch seemingly tailored to tackle Samsung’s leading innovations, there was a wind of disbelief in the Fashion Press where editors, influencers and followers alike felt they would feel the full blow of Apple Marketing Superpower.

Geek is now infamously chic, but why such a sudden direct poke (copyright?) at the trendiest industry?

BoF did not take this lightly either. The respectable source about The Industry took the opportunity to present their new hub for Fashion-dash-Tech:


Elsewhere, behemoths like Refinery29 are dropping their unusual Top Story about the iPhone 6 and the Watch, while invitations were dropped to regional top editors (Vogue China, Italia…) to have them join San Francisco’s event venue…

Capitalizing on the obvious trend making tech objects the new Talismans of our contemporary citizens, the brand seems to make a wise business move involving fashion partners more closely, but we’re still wondering: are these new products really worth the spotlight?

Here is Suzy Menkes’ review (seriously?)


J BRAND collection FW 14 / 15

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We often forget it but J Brand was the very first brand to introduce the dark-washed skinny jean,

Something which is now a standard in every wardrobe.

The brand has just revealed its Fall / Winter 2014-15 collection.

Efficiency, nice shapes, a refocus on slim and simple shades of grey and black.

We love it.

J Brand 2 J Brand

lacoste LED aw14

The genius of Lacoste LED AW 2014: day & night best friend

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It’s always tricky to wear a nice pair of shoes which fit all our needs; when we’re at the office, we sometimes need to feel comfy but not too idle. When we go out, we need to suit up but not too much as we’ll have to wear our shoes during the day.

The beauty of the new Lacoste Essential Design collection for Autumn Winter 2014 is to flirt between classic designs and a twist of audacity. Elastic gussets, russet orange, cable stitch are nice details to explore…

As Lacoste states:

LED is designed to give the discerning gentleman quality designs that can be worn day to night

lacoste LED aw14 2

lacoste LED aw14 3


Brooklyn We Go Hard (BWGH) Hermosa Spring/Summer 14 collection

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We’ve been following BWGH for few months now; launched in 2010, the brand provides a very dense cultural universe, thanks to its young photographers crew, the multiplication of great collaborations and the publication of bi-yearly magazines. With Hermosa, the Parisian duet David Obadia and Nelson Hassan dive into a positive nostalgia, taking back the codes of surfers and riders of the 70s. As explained, the “surfographers” were born on a beach called HermosaThe fabrics come from Japan, Scotland and Italy. Wearing BWGH is already a journey.




hermosa-bwgh-03 (1)


Shopping Trends for Spring with Jules B: Go All Yoncé

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We can’t say we have not been swept away by Queen Bey’s latest releases. From Drunk in Love through Yoncé to the Partition video, we have been in awe of the feminine statement she puts out there. And it inspired us this quite strong hip hop inspired look shopped at Jules B, a cool store carrying some of the most trendy contemporary brands. Bear with us and get sophisticatedly nasty.

Start with this rare pick and the best deal we’ve seen so far this week. A Carven jacquard dress, with a slight animalistic trait (leopard inspired). The oversize bow hanging above cleavage is the killer detail.


Make it city-wise, tame the beast with a very sharp sports jacket by Helmut Lang. When Kanye styles up Kim, she looks better, now trust us. We’re Kimyeing you up if you feel up to it. This jacket is safe but singular: gloss is the new bling.


Touch it up with your street cred insurance: an Alexander Wang white IT-Bag. Pebbles on the bottom, start there and now you’re here (says Drake).


Now the shoes and the street is yours. But hear this. Our wags love when we shop for them, but we have failed with shoe choices on a couple occasions lately so this is it. We’re a bit shy on it for a while. But you can shop great styles like this one. To go Yoncé or not. Love yo!

Post written in collaboration with Jules B.

repertoire fashion

Shopping trends for Spring with REPERTOIRE: undergrounge and Steve McQueen

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So the fashion weeks are about to be over. As it’s always good to envision what’s going to happen at the end of the year, it’s even better to be able to shop what is now available.

Here’s a shopping bag we’ve conceived with Repertoire, a cool independent retailer who opened its first stores over 15 years ago in Southern England.

Barbour is on track with few pieces, that are tributes to Steve McQueen; he entered The Greenhorn Enduro, a rigorous 500-mile motorcycle race across California’s challenging mountains and blisteringly hot Mojave desert, in 1963. The new new man (read GQ brilliant debate) is in need of icons; deeper characters seem to be the new hype. And we’re happy with that

Patrizia Pepe is a an Italian brand founded in 1993. You don’t necessarily find it easily in the UK whereas the positioning and materials are great. With their new “Undergrounge” project, we bet that you’re  going to pay attention to this chic brand.

We like this scarf that you can find on Repertoire. A great accessory which will add a tremendous effect to your favorite knitwear.

Post written in collaboration with Repertoire.