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JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup 2

JORD Wood Watch review: pleasure for the eyes and for the skin

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When it comes to watches, men are extremely demanding. It’s probably one of the few accessories we dare to wear.

A watch is highly personal; an immediate contact with our skin. An object we like to see changing with time, with our special moments. A companion of our love, encounters, meetings, pains and hopes.

So, when JORD suggested a review of their wooden watches, I was initially very surprised. Wood? And watch? How is that even possible. And actually, few other bloggers had already expressed a positive opinion on that matter.

I can now confess: they were right.
JORD Wood Watch Delmar closeup

The wood of the Delmar model is extremely comfortable. It’s very light, gives a non-aggressive look and feel to your daily outfits. I also love putting my watch out of my wrist on my desk when I work. It’s a very nice and elegant object, which can totally match a nice Moleskine. I also like the fact it’s pretty similar to the design furniture we have in our loft, made of recycled wood and garment.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar watch

The display is very clear; despite a pretty big surface for this model, it doesn’t seem “bling”.

JORD Wood Watch Delmar


I also like the fact that this kind of watch can go vintage pretty well. Wood tends to change its colour with time, and will later give this little something that makes your object and its history really yours.

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

exposed shop camden

EXPOSED shop, Camden Town…shopping crush of the week!

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There’s this shop in Camden, called EXPOSED. A great discovery, not THAT expensive for a pop-up-like store.

exposed shop camden 3

They showcase some of the best up and coming British Designers. “Currently in Stock are: Plastic Guns, Mark Thomas Taylor, Abandon Ship & Joe & Co Denim. We also have a specialist Vintage section from Dirty Look“.

exposed shop camden 2

That’s really the deal of the week for menswear: I bought a Joe & Co shirt (Mancunian rock!) and when you compare the quality to some high-street brands, well, you should definitely offer yourself a “je ne sais quoi” more…you know.

We tend to focus a lot on East London. And preppy boys tend to focus a lot on the West side…The secrets of London are nonetheless in these little boutiques: energy, curation, good vibes.

Re-think Camden.


The address:

Exposed Unit 3, Camden Lock Place, Camden, London – 0203 632 0909

Comme des garçons leather fluo wallet

Spring Spree Shopping for flower girls

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Ha! Oh! Hey! It’s SO cold outside but we can’t wait for Spring. Enough with Mr Snowballs, and Miss Snow White. We want merry bubbles and a nice twist of Sun.

Good news: this season is all about being HAPPY & refreshing!

Here’s our short shopping list for beautiful butterflies. Yes, you are.

First, you need a new cardigan. Because yours is now totally out of order because of the snow. You need something comfortable but classy. We love this ALL SAINTS cardigan:


You also need colors; yes. Not flashy ones, but subtle patterns. JW Anderson for TOPSHOP knows how to fulfill our dream with this nice Square Aztec print tee, reinvented:

Square Aztec Print Tee (J.W. Anderson)

Well, you run the world with your top outfit…but you also need to make your whole body coherent! We love this TOPSHOP dasy leggin’, which will perfectly match with the square navajo top…yummie!

TopShop Daisy Treggings’

You’ve got the style, but you also need to have a twist of super originality. Something your friends don’t OWN. SO take this Comme des Garçons leather fluo wallet. It’s pop, it’s artsy, it’s beautiful, and it’s made in Spain. So chic.

Comme des garçons leather fluo wallet
Comme des garçons leather fluo wallet



SEPT: magic number for fashion accessories

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Laurène Bordes and Emilie Aubry, the 2 designers who founded SEPT, represent this new generation of French talents, spreading a new idea of fashion. Ethics, pervasive inspiration, travels: a nice mix for beautiful accessories.

“Inspired by the exotism and finds of their world tour, SEPT is a mix of freedom, curiosity and dare. Seven is also the number of copies done for each item. Every piece of Jewelry is considered unique, designed for very limited and luxurious collections. With the same ethical standards, the leather used comes only from unused hides. The brand SEPT is a representation of the joyful madness of it’s creators.”

We had the chance to interview them. And the 2 friends have this nice “folie douce” which is pretty rare these days.


Why Sept is called Sept?

First of all, SEPT means “seven” in English. We chose SEPT for our brandname as the number SEVEN is a symbol in many areas, particularly in the field of art.

For instance in the publishing world, the first seven printed exemplars are used for calibration. These seven first books are considered unique pieces, the most precious and sensitive. Sought after by collectors, they are legally considered works of art.

Our collections are limited to seven exemplars which gives the object a dimension of rarity and preciousness. Each piece has a name and a story of its own, stories of legends and icons that have marked their eras. SEPT accessories make you feel unique and singular in its versatility and storytelling.

SEPT is also the number of stages of our pyramid shaped logo. It refers to the Niches pyramid located on the site of El Tajin in Mexico. These pyramids symbolize the six stages of life before reaching spirituality, the seventh and final step. Our logo symbolizes our state of mind toward the object, the world and life in general.

In every culture, every History, we find this figure as a symbol of happiness, luck and creativity … We hope that SEPT will bring us luck as well as to the person wearing it.

Calavera Catrina
Mexican Memento Mori, recalling that social differences are irrelevant in the face of death. leather – silver – bovine bone

Tell us a story you’d tell for a first blind date?

There is this crazy story that happened to us lately.

One morning Emily received via Facebook a link saying today it was the worldwide planking day. Immediately we thought we had to do something here as well in Saint-Etienne. We both went to the design museum of Saint-Etienne (a city you might never have heard of…).Then we start planking in one of the room of the museum. At that point we were really feeling part of a cool international movement (even from Saint-Etienne!).

We actually went a bit crazy as we choose to plank on really famous designer chairs.

We were planking with conviction since a while already when a security guard arrived.He had never heard of the world planking day, actually never heard of planking. He just was panicking as he thought we both fainted, and then really upset when he realized we were not (those chairs were really expensive).

Here is the pic that prove our great (mis)achievement :) So stupid, but so funny!

Probably a great ice breaker for a first blind date depending on the guy. He would either laugh or run away :)

How do you start your creative process?

As we both graduated from a design school, we learned a lot about all the design movements. We get our inspiration from architecture, furniture design and not only fashion design. This allows us to get a wider and different point of view.

We get as well our inspiration a lot though our travels. Meeting other cultures and travelling is the best way to get inspired and to see new things. We also always try to stay in touch of what is new in the design world.

In order to transform our inspirations into final creations we go through the process of a trend book. The trend book aims to summarize everything we want to see and feel in our collection.Then we start sketching our accessories. We do a lot more sketchs than needed for one collection. The final selection is made according to the spirit, esthetic and feel we want to give to the whole collection. Then the creation of the first prototype starts. Even at the prototype phase we often readapt and make some changes to improve the accessories.

Working together is great for us as we can challenge each other and bring both of our points of views in our accessories esthetic.

Where can we follow you?

The website is designed as a virtual art gallery that allows us to present our collection by SEPT, and outline future private collections conceived for specific retail partners and as well items designed in collaboration with artists.

In addition to the website we now can be found on social networks where you can like and follow us.

Twitter :



PREGO, a Magdeleine Gallot boutique in Saint Etienne, has been seduced by the world of SEPT and was the first to follow us.

We are in discussion with other Concept Stores in France and abroad and hope to get them on board very soon.

Dear shop and boutique managers, let see if we are a good fit, contact us for a first blind date ;)

You can say whatever you want:

SEPT is a great adventure between two neurotic friends in love with fashion and design, a duo !

EMILIE about LAURENE: “Laurène is a sensitive girl, rigorous, poetic and completely crazy … who tell jokes every minute …that I don’t always understand.”

LAURENE about EMILIE: “Emilie is ultra creative, generous, overflowing with positive energy, always with a big smile even during our long nights of work …. and she loves working in her gray jogging while eating candies !

meshu foursquare

Meshu: foursquare jewels

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What if our travels were the most valuable things of our lives? What if our most valuable memories were turned into jewels?

That’s the fashion revolution that is suggested by Meshu:

The principles are cool: “Enter in cities you’ve been to, or any places you like. We generate a meshu to order as a necklace, earrings, or cufflinks. We fabricate and ship you your finished piece!

So if you don’t what to offer us…Ha Ha Ha :)


Michael Fassbender in Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012)

Prometheus: an outstanding art direction

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As Prometheus has already hit our french screens, controversy is starting to stir on the movie’s qualities and defects. But if one thing stands out as incredibly well-achieved in Prometheus, it’d be the art direction. We’ll let you discover all the delicate details and the global feel of the scenes and costumes, but we can’t help and spot one major hit-detail. Ladies and gentlement let us bring to you the name-tagged LEATHER HELMET.

Michael Fassbender in Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012)

Worn by all crew members under their glass helmet when space-suiting for outdoor environments, this piece of equipment intrigued us for its hell of a vintage style injected into a pretty geek sci-fi scenery. We’d bet the inspiration came from the fact that Prometheus had to look older than the Alien saga, esthaetically speaking, as it is set a couple hundred years before.

Tee-Shirt Unissons

Commune de Paris x Astier de Villatte for Opening Ceremony

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Tee-Shirt Unisson

Hot contemporary brand Commune de Paris 1871 is among the roster of french designers spotted by iconic New York store Opening Ceremony in the past few months to represent the blue/white/red avant-garde. To celebrate that, Commune de Paris 1871 has asked their beloved pen-partner Astier de Villatte to design a tee called Unisson for Opening Ceremony. We’d dare to say, what’s coming next?


Acne x Lord Snowdon. SNOWDON BLUE.

Acne Snowdon Blue

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Acne x Lord Snowdon. SNOWDON BLUE.

Showing now in London, at Acne Studios, 13 Dover Street. Meta-brand Acne has striked again, editing with british photographer Lord Snowdon a portfolio dedicated to the most elegant men ever sporting classic blue shirts. Stating one fact: blue shirts never go wrong. We tend to agree, especially when we stumble upon a shot of french icon Serge Gainsbourg.

Spotted on Selectism.

kenzo x fans

Kenzo x Vans x Opening Ceremony

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When I think of Kenzo, I always remember this fantastic ad for “Flower”. And I’ve always wondered if a skater could not suddenly appear on screen. Well, Opening Ceremony realized this fashion dream:

“Our favorite skater sneakers have been Kenzo-ed! These patterned lace-ups are the first of three limited edition installments of customized Kenzo x Vans kicks. Covered in the signature fishnet print of the spring collection—the first directed by OC’s own Carol and Humberto!—the iconic canvas shoes come in juicy red, green, and blue. Check back in for more styles in June and July! Each print is produced in only limited numbers, so grab ’em while you can!

Pre-order your pair of Kenzo x Vans by e-mail, at, or by phone, at 646-237-6078, Mon-Fri,10am-6pm EST. “

Great news for urban fashionistos…