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Adidas: quick ain’t fair challenge in Washington DC this Saturday

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John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday and A$AP Rocky gave us a lesson with “Quick Ain’t Fair,” the new TV ad for the Crazyquick basketball shoe.

Tjos afternoon in Washington D.C., fans could win the Wall edition Crazyquick and attend #QuickAintFair Challenge. A good initiative to make the creative idea tangible.



Stadium at The Wharf
800 Water St SW
Washington, DC 20024



Pete Doherty and friends @ Rhythm Factory (but without Pete, of course) (and now you get a poem too)

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So guys, we were yesterday pretty excited to attend a PETE DOHERTY gig in London.

You may not know but we had already tried to see the guy many times in France, but as a living legend, he never showed up. Most ot the time, we only had a cool bartender to forget about it. But @ Rhythm Factory, there were cool bartenders + poets + local legends.

Yes yes, our fate happened again; the difference is that we’ve really enjoyed his “friends” who were on stage.

Nadia Khomami and Max Wallis, my favorite gang yesterday
good guitar

So here’s a poem to Pete, if one day he reads this blog. After all, he posted his X Mas invitation on YouTube, everything’s possible ha!

Pete stopped.

There was a sober crowd, cooling, freezing, expecting a Merry Gang.

Pints were surprisingly dry, and shy, and even Japanese girls came to see the stars

Ladies in black, pack, daring to see a Whitechapel cat, first time in a bar

Pete stopped before the high

The crowd was sober and as in a country show

The jockeys were more cavalier than the horses’ rodeo

No pogo, no disco, just a Spice Girls’ song to get rid of Alabama Bro

I know now that pills and Dutch labs’ freak don’t make you spry

But No Go.

There’s a garden behind the walls of your backstage blow

Not an hotel with debit cards but some credits to hoe

Who owes who maybe you’ll get to know

Our only hope is that the ground went to locals, poets and pale ales

Not to a random crow

Alabama 3 talking about an hotel or a motel…
Local legend




Bicycle Film Festival in London: fashion weeling

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You know how hype fixies, bicycles and wearing Levi’s 511 are.

You should definitely attend Bicycle Film Festival in October (4-7) in London. Launched by Brendt Barbur in 2001, it’s now a major event all over the world, which embraces the urban bike movement (but also the new urban explorers). If you want a ride in your mind, it’s definitely worth it.

The agenda seems astonishing, with films from all over the world but with a focus on British scene, and great events / after-parties.



Fashion’s Night Out 2012: Live!

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Tonight, we’re going to live-share our photos of the Fashion’s Night Out, both in London and Paris :) Until then, here are what OTHERS already share all around the world :)

[instapress tag=”FNOhit” piccount=”15″ size=”550″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″ paging=”1″]


The Regent Street Festival 2012: acrobats dancing with fashion

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There are some fantasies which sometimes happen; as closing the roads between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly, just to invite some artists to perform in the streets.Acrobats and dancers, angels in the sky, a rain of feathers. It was a beautiful Regent Street Festival, and here are some pictures:

Regent Street Festival 2012
Regent Street Festival 2012

Regent Street Festival 2012

Regent Street Festival 2012

Can’t wait Fashion’s Night Out, in the same area, this Tursday!


Excuse my Fringe: Paris Wells & Paul from Bar Music Hall

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It’s a fantastic project that we’re doing this summer, for Shoreditch Fringe Festival. The people who make the festival possible, aka designers, artists, organisers, are interviewed in our French kitchen and living-room. Excuse my Fringe!

This week, we have the chance to discover Paul from Barc Music Hall, and Paris Wells, astonishing music artist, who’s now offering her songs to the European stages.

Discover the whole interview right here:

You can follow Paris Wells also on Facebook. Bar Music Hall keeps you posted on their agenda right here. Enjoy!

Excuse my Fringe: Traces London

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It’s a fantastic project that we’re starting today, for Shoreditch Fringe Festival. The people who make the festival possible, aka designers, artists, organisers, are interviewed in our French kitchen and living-room. Excuse my Fringe!

Traces London are the very first interviewed and shot. And let’s face it: we’re in love with their project: An immersive and theatrical, multi-disciplinary, art and design event will happen in a secret place in London 17th-19th August. Every day, traces and clues are revealed in London streets and online…we can’t wait!

Donna & Talulah: who the hell are you?

Talulah– I’m a set designer who works on immersive and site specific theatrical projects
Donna – I’m a furniture and spatial designer who likes working with history and memory
We got together to form TRACES in October last year.

“Traces” seem to be a real-life game: are you sure it’s safe to play?

We suppose it is…the gaming element is just one aspect of our project, and is intended to get people involved in the story from the start, before even entering the space. We want people to develop their own narrative based on the clues and tasks we set.. Sure it’s safe, we set parameters but you decide how to play. Please note TRACES takes no responsibility for accident or injury incurred whilst taking part!

Fine: so how can we play?

You can follow our clues via our twitter campaign, our website or you can join up to our mailing list. If you want to get the clues ahead of everyone else, you can donate a little money via our sponsume funding page! (little plug there)


The current clue is a treasure hunt in the form of an 1881 London street map. If you’re lucky enough you can find one of these on a lampost near you!

Good good. Did you enjoy the Italian-Tesco wine?

As regular ‘connoisseurs’ of the 2 bottles for £4.00 from the local shop – it was quite a treat! Thanks very much!

Which events are you going to attend during Fringe Festival?

We’re going to fit in as much as we can but highlights are to spend some time down at he Regents Canal to check out the Barbican events going on there, and the ROH Owl and the Pussy Cat. We’re also downloading the Tom sawyer effects app as we love games!

Finally if we’re not too exhausted we’re going to the closing event at The Book Club. So much to do and see!

OK. We’re total quiches in design: what shall we start doing?

London is full of design, but not always so easy to find, as most people gear up towards the London Design Festival in September. End of year shows are great – but we fear you’ve missed most if not all of those. A great place to start is at our show ;)
Seriously though – check out London Design Festival in September, and clerkenwell design week next may.

Thanks! What can we wish you?

Of course success. And that we get paid for all our efforts next time!


World Pride London 2012

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It finally happened: after few days of big financial controversy, the march celebrating equal rights, whatever your sexual choice is, mobilised some thousands people yesterday in London, to end in Trafalgar Square. It was not the event of the century, for sure, and we would have hoped to see more madness in Soho but what do you want? Political choices are political choices.

Oh and just a point-of-view, like that: Toronto 2014 organizers, don’t forget it’s not a business, it’s spreading love and living together.

Here are some photos of the people who made it really happen. And let’s celebrate them:

Photos: Laurent “Lilzeon” Francois / ViewsCo / Daily Dust


London Pleasure Gardens: partying with Captain Harlock

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Man! You’re 30 min from Shoreditch, and you step down at Pontoon Dock DLR station. You think it’s going to be a very formal and casual festival, but you British people know how to party. Crazy concerts, nice lunapark and good beer served by good people. The quote of this sunday: “we wanted to be the sky”. So real last night for the grand opening party of the London Pleasure Gardens.

We fell in love with The Correspondents, an amazing duet (DJ + vocal performer). It’s like partying with Captain Harlock from Galaxy Express 999. Good news for us: Olympic Games will also be about good music, good love, good spirit. Enjoy the ride.

Photos: © Laurent “Lilzeon” Francois / Daily Dust / ViewsCo