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Levis Modern Frontiers iconic 501

Levi’s Modern Frontiers: a reinterpretation of Bert Berns and his BANG Records

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In 1965, a guy called Bert Berns launched his own records company called BANG Records with his partners from Atlantic Records: Ahmet Ertegün, Nesuhi Ertegün and Jerry Wexler (aka Gerald). When Levi’s asked me to try to copy a Style Icon, I first thought about James Dean…but seriously, the icons who could really make sense today would love our “slashers” generation.

Oxford Street baby © Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

We have a DIY attitude: we are part time musicians, part time marketers. part time desperately looking for a new quest. We gather with other bunches of people. We dream, we fight. We want to make a difference.

I think that if Bert was 20 something today, he would try to launch a modern version of BANG records. It would probably have a social good layer. But there would be rock’n roll, pretty girls dancing with pretty boys, beats and open spaces. We would have more or less the same playlist: “I Want Candy” by The Strangeloves, “Hang on Sloopy” by The McCoys, “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, and “Solitary Man” by Neil Diamond. But there will also be some new electronic inspirations. There will be British influences meeting K-Pop.

© Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

Levi’s 501 is part of this history of people who tried to DO something. It’s rare when a piece of clothes is so much connected to so many individual movements.

I hope you liked this tribute to BANG Records.


LevisLogoFor more than 140 years, the Levi’s® brand has been equipping pioneers with the clothing they need to “Go Forth” and explore the modern frontier. From 501® jeans to the trucker jacket and western shirt, Levi’s® Fall 2013 collection features iconic clothing reinterpreted through a modern lens for today’s pioneers

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Levi’s ® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Levi’s ®

philips party london fashion week casa negra

The beat goes on at London Fashion Week with Philips Fidelio M1

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Yes, London Fashion Week happened; a very different edition from last year: less access for bloggers, a mix of teenage brands and more established ones trying to pimp. Well, I guess that this time, the most interesting shows were outside Somerset House. Fair enough, as a lot of massive events happened around the traditional program.

Philips offered us a great Fidelio M1 to keep the good vibes banging and kicking. A chic and comfy accessory that we’ve carried with love and delight.

Here are some pictures from Topman x Black On Black AFTER PARTY, hosted by Shorebitch at Casa Negra. An impressive line-up:

DJ Cable (DMC World Champion)
You Need To Hear This Dj Zara Martin
Bill & Will
Miguel Dare
Mem, @YNTHT_UK, #YouNeedToHearThis

lilzeon bershka faguo

Collaboration with Bershka and FAGUO shoes: back to school with ethics and education my friends!

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Fashion is changing. London Fashion Week and #NYFW demonstrated – again – the rising importance of highstreet and e-commerce brands.
A sort of back to basics: what should I wear? What’s the impact of my consumption? How to mix ideas and clothes?
Highstreet brands (we consider ASOS as a virtual highstreet brand at the end…) influence big names: we see a sort of democratization of fashion, which meets a sort of fuss for ethics.

The new “Made in Italy” collection by Bershka is pretty surprising: shapes are tailor-made. Quality is here. The brand teaches us why we should love certain types of designs. In the meantime, we’ve met FAGUO. And we caught their insights on this new fashion…

Faguo has just released a new capsule collection with agnès b. and in the meantime you’ve been selected by Unibail-Rodamco for their Grand Prix: does ethical fashion become the new normal?
I think that before talking about ethics, big brands like agnès b. or Unibail are looking for dynamics. These vibes come when they partner with young brands, which generate some buzz. It’s a way for brands like us to uplift thanks to their maturity and their experience. Ethics probably influences them, but it’s more a standard that we apply to our ourselves.
How can we teach consumers to buy “better”?
Through a certain soft power. We’re not Green ayatollahs. We’re just trying to rise awareness for our consumer. When he buys some FAGUO shoes, he plants a tree (he can get more information on our digital map), and he knows our carbon footprint.
This emergency for a more responsible world, is it something that is really shared worldwide?
Responsibility is a key word for our generation. It’s global, even if we don’t use the same triggers. We’ve written this goal in our brand DNA. Every morning we ask ourselves: how to change and how to make the world a better place?


Parka Bershka

Jacket Bershka

Shoes Faguo

T-shirt vintage

Denim (flee market)

Photos by Thien Nguyen.


L1212 Lilzeon 3 v blog

Lacoste L.12.12 polo x Boulevardier: Brick Lane style

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Everybody in France has a story with Lacoste L.12.12 polos. And it started in 1933, just imagine how many family stories you can get.

I remember my dad wearing one when he was playing tennis with my brother in the 80s. It was a special moment for both of them: a certain attitude, elegance in sports. Wearing Lacoste was about sending messages: you were part of something.

These polos were sorted & picked with a lot of attention: it was not any polo but THE polo that needed to be perfect for the next event.

The brand has changed a lot, and the fan-base has reached new territories: streetwear, hip-hop, casual chic tribes. But the myth keeps rocking.

L1212 Lacoste Lilzeon v blog

L.12.12 is a mysterious code: it’s actually a proof of quality. L refers to Lacoste. 1 to “Petit Piqué” Cotton. 2 to the short sleeves model. And the last 12 to the prototype number chosen by René Lacoste. When you see the Crocodile stitched on your polo, you know it’s going to last.

certificate lacoste L1212

We decided to shoot our tribute to L12.12 in Brick Lane, London. Because it’s a gateway between street culture, boho tribes and worldwide influences. As Lacoste brand, Brick Lane changes a lot: new sorts of people, new stories; but still an inheritance of the people who made this neighborhood.


Lilzeon wears Lacoste L.12.12 polo, from Lacoste Boutique on Madison Avenue, Religion hat, ASOS denim and Urban Outfitters slippers.

Photo: Thien Nguyen



VQ’s Outfit: Professional Blogger

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Strike a pose. Change outfits everyday. Shoot your H&M look then bring it back for refund, buy again, shoot again. That’s how one could imagine the life of a fashion blogger. Ours is not like that. Here’s my first step into the world of the self-shot bloggers. I’ll browse you through my closet regularly, for fun, and sometimes to prove a point. Today’s point: fashion bloggers also go to work.

Outfit: A.P.C. Hat, S.N.S Herning Knit, Commune de Paris Shirt, A.P.C. Pants, A.P.C. Derbies, Maison Fabre Gloves, Uniform Wares Watch.

samsung x boulevardiers

The boulevardiers x Caseable: win our limited collection!

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Ever wondered how you could personalize your Samsung Galaxy SIII, or your new iPhone 5? Well, Caseable, a creative company based in New York and Berlin, has probably the answer for you. You can upload your own pictures and design your own cases for iPhones, iPads, laptops, e-readers, Samsung Galaxy etc.

We’ve partnered with Caseable to offer 5 Boulevardiers’ cases; to win one of them, leave us a comment and tell us which design you like. Alternatively,you can design your own case and get £10 discount with the code: hitbag10. Oh and also like Caseable page on Facebook!

The first one, “We Wanted to be the Sky”, is based on a shooting made last summer in London. It’s designed for Samsung Galaxy SIII owners, but we can make it fit to your iphone if you like…

samsung x boulevardiers
We Wanted to be the Sky edition Samsung SIII x Boulevardiers

The other one, “Carpak”, is a snapshot of a portfolio that we’ve shot with our cool September Cover Girl, in Shoreditch.

Carpark edition iPhone 5 x Boulevardiers

We can’t wait to read your comments!!!


Wood and bricks, some Winter outfits for men

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Thanks to MOOD by me, some of our French readers had a chance to win a bespoke pull. Vu Quan and I decided to arrange 2 outfits for December. As it’s freezing in Brick Lane and in Lyon, we needed some colors and fashion sunshines :)

Pull MOOD by me, Jean ASOS, Ceinture H&M, polo vintage, Chaussures Supra, Montre Nixon, Bonnet Primark (LILZEON)

Pull MOOD By Me, Shirt Commune de Paris, Jeans Acne, Desert Boots Opening Ceremony (VQ)


What is an epicurian moment for our readers?

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Few days ago, we asked you what is an epicurian moment for you. Your answers are sincerely inspiring, so here are your own thoughts:

  • sonia

    an epicurian moment is when i have the possibility to eat strawberrys with the one that I front of a wonderful sea!

  • fakinimus

    Having a 2 hours lunch with friends on a small brasserie heated terrace, enjoying good food and discussing about fashion, politics and art !

  • Avatar

    An Epicurian moment would be as we re all trying to looking for wisdom and enjoying our life (..) THIS sharing with people how you discern the world and pretending to have the best opinion / not face to face ;)

  • Lolita

    An epicurean moment is definitely eating tons of cheese, drinking litres of wine with the one that I love. Just forgetting about tomorrow and living the present moment :)

  • Regina Isabelle

    An epicurean moment for me is… attending a formal dinner with intellectuals who want to make the world a better place. World Domination with quality champagne and canapes! ala Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough, but not a villain ;)

  • Avatar

    Shopping. Just pure shopping.

  • Avatar

    An epicurean moment is definitely eating tons of chocolate and just enjoy the life!

  • Avatar

    an epicurian moment is when it’s snowing outside but you are indoors with best friend and you drink hot chocolate, eat frozen strawberrys and bananas.

  • ne-knopka

    when i am eating chocolate

  • Karen

    An epicurian moment is when I can close my eyes and breathe, and that I just feel like smiling and… flâner à la parisienne (strolling around in the Paris way).

  • Avatar

    an epicurian moment is when i have a very difficult task to do at my job and somebody does it for me by mistake :) happened today..

  • Pikki Costanilla

    That moment when my boyfriend finally proposes to me and he’ll surprise me and bring me to a restaurant that he’ll reserve exclusively for us. I, wearing a wonderful dress and him a sexy tux while indulging to the fine dine that he picked especially for that night. ahhh. <3

  • Alesia Flegka

    Epicurian moment is waking up in Paris, the sun is shining, coffee and macarons for breakfast)

  • arianna bardelle

    I just moved to another city with my boyfriend, we live in a small ancient city in the North of Italy. Our epicurean moments are when we come home after the office and wander by foot in the city, discovering all the corner and learning the places, talking about our day and our plans and sometimes stopping in bar sipping wine or in old “osterie” having some fish dishes near the river…Love it.

  • Eliza Kasztner

    an epucurian moment would be cooking for my entire family and eating together near to the christmast tree on that special day which is almost here :)))

  • Avatar
    Christy Ann

    My Epicurian moment is definitely when I’m clothes shopping. I just go into this mode and all senses are engaged. Then, after the exhaustion of a day of shopping, going out to eat a great meal.

  • Avatar

    Seeing clothes, ahhh

  • Patti

    My epicurian moment would be having a homecooked, cajun meal (comfort food) with my family,along with an adult beverage or two and then enjoying the conversation that inevitably follows!

  • Mona Zavala

    driving to downtown LA and walking down Hollywood blvd, topping it all off with wine and italian food with friends – I love it. (And this dress, too!)

  • Agnes Woolf

    An epicurian moment for me is eating choclate founde with my friends, while it is snowing outside.

  • Avatar

    listen music

  • Peiting Liu

    an epicurian moment is going to my favorite Italian restaurant after a long day of shopping

  • andy spurná

    an epicurian moment for me could be if I win this dress :D it´s having fun with my friends or just having x-mas lunch with my family, ´cuz I´m trying to enjoy every moment :P

  • Kristie Dinh

    Epicurean (adj) – devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.

    An Epicurean moment is a special Thanksgiving dinner at a cozy and quiet restaurant with my significant other where we talk about life, everything, and nothing.

  • Avatar
    Adina Merisanu

    An epicurian moment is when you have your own room full of technology and clothes :D

  • Irina G.

    An epicurean moment is enjoying life and wearing beautiful dresses

  • Avatar
    Michelle Spirit

    Sitting aboard an open top bus in Paris, not caring what the world thinks – watching them all dart that way and this, dodging the drips. Soaking up the moment before life kicks in again.