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Instagram account to follow : @thescooterist

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Put together energy and passion of youth, a sparking duo of lovers, a country with unrevealed beauty, a bunch of vingtage Vespas, a stylish gang, and you have probably the most exciting Instagram account in Vietnam.

TheScooterist is the account that documents the adventures and inspirations of two young photographers, taking on the road and giving a unique cool touch to wedding photography along their way.

Cheer for the nice view. #vespa #vesparally #vespavietnam #vespaadventure #scooterist #thescooterist

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Instagram account to follow: @haavseen – by Vincent Laserson

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Menswear specialist and curator of all good things Vincent Laserson, previously member of the now split-up crew De Jeunes Gens Modernes (all seem to have found greater callings within the creative industries), documents his findings on this inspiring account. Things you think you’ve seen, actually he haasssen. Americans are intrigued by the whimsical concept of La Parisienne. This guy is some great exemple of Le Parisien.

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prenez l'air avec francis le slip français

Francis’ underpants vs David Beckham boxers: the revolt of man

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Yes, we were sort of fed up with H&M advertising, presenting a gorgeous and tattooed Beckham, all over the world. A bit too easy and unrealistic for us: a precious groomed man, a **** that you could imagine through the black & white processing…It seemed a lot like what women suffer from with Photoshopped pictures of models.

But a French man uprose. Francis, thanks to the Slip Français (a very popular and trendy underpants brand in France), decided to revolt.

Francis launched an amazing concept called “Sliptime Around The World“. What sounds like a joke is actually a very inspiring and freeing initiative to better consume and better consider our self-esteem.  And you readers are lucky: we’ve interviewed him.

Sliptime Around the World: what’s the big idea?

Sliptime is first and foremost a sort of resistance: wearing underpants when you’re a regular guy, in natural landscapes. It goes against the diktat of boxers, which are highlighted in ads, using professional models.

Is it the new “punk” to wear underpants all over the world?

I don’t think so. I don’t consider it like that. And it’s not really new: I’ve started the project in 2007.

How did you start your collaboration with Le Slip Français?

Last year, I discovered Le Slip Français and I immediately loved their work: humor, young, dynamic, fresh. It totally suits my Sliptime Around The World. I sent an email to Guillaume (the founder of Le Slip Français) and he quickly endorsed me.

What can we wish you?

To keep on discovering beautiful landscapes, with my underpants!

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Wood and bricks, some Winter outfits for men

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Thanks to MOOD by me, some of our French readers had a chance to win a bespoke pull. Vu Quan and I decided to arrange 2 outfits for December. As it’s freezing in Brick Lane and in Lyon, we needed some colors and fashion sunshines :)

Pull MOOD by me, Jean ASOS, Ceinture H&M, polo vintage, Chaussures Supra, Montre Nixon, Bonnet Primark (LILZEON)

Pull MOOD By Me, Shirt Commune de Paris, Jeans Acne, Desert Boots Opening Ceremony (VQ)

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Epicure Paris: Parisian hedonism (and you can win a dress…)

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Epicure Paris is a rising fashion brand based in Paris. Their very first Fall / Winter 2012 collection is very promising: they mix “happy fashion” and educating people to more premium and complexed materials. Kenza , one of our French Famous Fashionista (FFF) was recently wearing one of their dresses. We’ve met Thibaud Roblin, co-founder of Epicure Paris.

What’s Epicure?

Epicure is a young and mischievous brand born in Spring 2012. Epicure was born in an international fashion culture and created itself an extraordinary universe hungering for precious fabrics and yarn. These were selected all around the world with meticulous care.
Epicure’s style is minimalist and contemporary. Our sensitivity to great fabrics and style is gathering an increasing number of Epicureans!

There are more and more brands claiming a certain “Made in Paris”: what is it like to be a Parisian fashion brand?

« Made in Paris » means mostly about living the French style. Epicure lives it fully! It is the casual simplicity defining Paris.
« Made in Paris » is also about creating each style thinking about taking a walk along the canal Saint-Martin or drinking a coffee in Saint Germain. Made in Paris clothes are made to live in!

Cleopatre dress. You can win it!

Do you feel like a “FRENCH” brand, sacrebleu?

Of course! If Epicure’s inspiration comes from our international designers, it has always been approached as a French brand. A French brand is also about that: being open to international art and design!

An epicurian advice for our readers?

An Epicurean is someone who enjoys indulging oneself and pleasing people. So get in!

So now readers: if you want to win this Cleopatre Dress by Epicure: tell us in comments what’s an epicurian moment!

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atld in pop we trust

ATLD: pop knots for quality scarves

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ATLD (aka A Three Legged Dog) creates ecstatic scarfs; a collusion between pop art, disco culture and even Bollywood. We met the 2 creators of ATLD for a conversation around “French” touch, wearing scarfs, and inspirations.

Do you consider ATLD as a “French” brand?

We don’t know if it is still French, but it is definitely us. Kids of the globalization, we own to a multi-cultural generation. We are wide open to the world since we are young and you can see it in our first collection. However our products are consciously made in France with 100 years of tradition. Our concern for quality and savoir-faire is for sure what is the most French in us.

Scarves for men are still pretty new for mainstream consumers: if I had to wear one, what would you recommend me to do?

Well as you said, it’s pretty new so have fun, try every knot possible in a million ways ! That is the good thing about scarves, its ability to satisfy every single look.

Mostly when we’re wearing it, we just tie it, simple knot or double windsor knot. Thus we have been trying to collect ideas on our Tumblr, so take a look weekly for some knotting clues.

What are your daily inspirations?

A pretty much of everything. We have close look on what is going on inside fashion world but our inspirations are in old books, antique dealers, second hand fashion and of course a lot of music.

Where can we follow you?, atld paris on facebook et @AtldParis on Twitter, and hopefully within London’s finest boutique !

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planet hiltron

Welcome to Planet Hiltron. An interview with Danny Evans

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You’ve certainly already seen this astonishing work by Danny Evans, a NYC based photographer, who decided to transform celebrities into regular people; after all, if stars use photoshop to look better, why couldn’t we consider to arrange some makeunders? That’s the principle of Planet Hiltron.

We had the chance to drop some questions to Danny Evans.

Why did you start this work?

I was curious to see how the stars might look with the facade of coolness scrubbed off.

Did you receive some complaints from publicists or did they like the whole story?

So far I haven’t heard anything negative from publicists or celebrities.

© Danny Evans

Where can we follow your whole work?

The best place to follow Planet Hiltron is on facebook. I also have two unrelated video channels on Youtube that people can subscribe to called Gay Carrington and Hollywoodstew.

140 signs to say whatever you want:

Please consider adopting or fostering a shelter animal.

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