1. Hello,
    First thing first, hope you are good and doing great! I am fascinated by your aspirational blog and would like be a part of it. Here is my proposal, if you think it is alright, than i will start as per your suggestion.

    I am a senior fashion designer and have a little artist in me, that keeps me inspiring from the great good works. I have recently designed a website that is now helping Busy and Budding Designers.

    I want to Introduce my website through Creative Media (like yours) and some other by offering a freebie product/illustration. If you like, you can host the Downloadable Vector Illustrator on your website, or you can give the Download link to my website. This way, i can probably reach to my target audience to spread the word.

    or Please read more about… below are a few links to view some of the products…


    If i am be lucky to gain your attention than i am looking forward to receive reply from your end.

    Founder & CEO

  2. Hi,
    I am a fashion enthusiast currently writing for Shwood sunglasses(www.shwoodshop.com). I believe you don’t look good or make an impression just by accident. There is art, science and a lot of hard work involved. It is the amalgamation of a million tiny factors that accentuate who you really are. From the way you handle yourself in a negotiation to what sun glasses you wear at the beach, it is the collection of these impressions that leave a mark in the end. I am impressed with this blog and would love to share my fashion thoughts with the world through guys, if you are interested then I can send some of my recent work for your review.

    Sherry Kay
    Content Writer
    Shwood Shop

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