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casio g shock g sessions london

G-Shock’s G-Sessions: London party featuring Ghost Poet

We had a chance to attend the party of G-Shock’s G-Sessions with Ghost Poet (as Creative Ambassador) few days ago. The concept? A search for extraordinary individuals or groups who will come together through their creative disciplines to evoke G-SHOCK’S SPIRIT OF TOUGHNESS. Throughout the G-Sessions campaign, talents will rise to the challenge of completing an exceptional piece of art that will compete on a European-wide scale.

A very step-by-step, involving and rewarding program: it’s both a celebration of local activists and a respectful approach of creativity. Even pizzas were made within the pop-up store, in a massive oven outside. This is the sort of detail we like ;)

casio g shock g sessions london

As a launch addition, G-SHOCK will produce 10 limited edition watches and packages designed by the artists, inspired from their original art piece. The local winning designs and art pieces will be presented at the G-Sessions final party in Berlin on November 27th.

The event will merge every part of the campaign through an extraordinary mix of music, design, art and fashion. A European-wide voting platform will be raised through which the audience will vote for their favourite creatives and their finished work. Voting will be activated through Facebook and will include a live stream that will facilitate voting up until the last minute of the final event.

When UGC meet Casio, we can expect some tremendous designs to come.

“Creativity to me is a combination of not only thinking outside the box but also considering that the box maybe not a box at all, not limiting one’s thoughts and going with what’s in your gut also come to mind.” Ghost Poet

The crowd in Brick Lane was pretty nice. Cool people, enjoying a nice Pop Up store in summertime. Let’s wait for the next edition!


No, kids aren’t fashion accessories

There’s a growing phenomenon in fashion: kids are more and more presented (or used) as a fashion accessory. The “cute” effect is now an excuse for any supposed consumers’ fantasy, mostly female, mostly egocentric and mostly superficial. It’s pretty worrying that fashion ads dive into this trend.

The last example we’ve spotted concerns Karen Walker lookbook for their eye-wear collection. The comment on Refinery29 demonstrates the whole problem:

Puppies and kittens have their charm, but Karen Walker’s latest lookbook is, hands down, the cutest thing you’ll see all day“.

After dogs that you hold in your bags in Harvey Nichols collection, you’ll soon be expected to wear a child as a modern jewel. Strange times.

“Everybody knows how to make babies; no one knows how to make fathers or mothers” (Stromaé)

What used to be a wonderful sexual emancipation and revolution (the right to have or help a kid) is broken by fashion and luxury brands. Transmission of values, the notion of growing together, the hope to achieve a better tomorrow, all that seem distorted by recent campaigns. Kids are fixed in a dead time zone: they are not considered as children but as a banner for our adult behaviors. Childhood is killed. But when we kill children, we also kill fathers and mothers.


Is sex the only wonderworld of fashion and luxury?

Porn culture is starting to kill our communities. It’s apparently “cool” to distribute billions of images of penetration (sic). My point of view is that it’s not even shocking: it’s just creepy and wrong. Making porn normal is to accept that we are consumers without citizenship. In porn culture, the fringe between teens and adult is a key driver for masturbation retailer. But in an experiment led by Bryant Paul and Daniel G. Linz, sur the effects of exposure to virtual child pornography, conclusions are very clear: it impacts our cognitive system.

Fashion and luxury brands should not align to what’s cool but should create a new cool, more pervasive and not jeopardizing. When brands started to sell mini-skirts, there was a mean and a deep revolution. When they copy porn, they’re just random.

“Cute”, this dangerous buzzword

I am the first to use it all the time: in social networks, we tend to share, publish, everything that looks “cute”, moreover with children. There’s a regressive attitude among adults. What is very perverse is that if we’re insecure with growing old, we’re nonetheless ready to accept to watch and embed some Disney Porn (Miley Cyrus during MTV VMA is a good example) while on Facebook you cannot show any explicit tit even when you’re just suntanning at the beach. Where’s the moral at the end? Bringing children in our mind-game and make them meme our adult behaviors (seduction, glamor etc.) might be like putting cache-sexes on our vices. Unfair and dangerous.

Burberry, Mini Me campaign

We should get rid of Mini Me campaigns. My kid who’s not here yet, I hope he’ll don’t give a sh** on my fantasies. I do agree with a French child-psychiatrist, Serge Hefez:

To make up your daughter and buy her clothes as if she was a woman is criminal”

Fashion and luxury brands: inspire us of yourself, not the other way round.



La Légende de Shalimar by Guerlain (full version)

Shot like an Hollywood blockbuster, the Legend of Shalimar describes the tale of the fragrance by Guerlain. A love story in India starring Natalia Vodianova: Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz Mahal, his favourite wife, was so great that he built her the Garden of Shalimar in Lahore, Pakistan (and indeed, the Taj Mahal).

We bet this film will be pretty ecstatic in film theaters this autumn…a new competitor for Hermès?

GAP backtoblue

GAP: Back to Blue moments. Finally. #backtoblue

Fashion sometimes over-complicates what it’s all about. And totally forget meanings for consumers. Most of the work that is done these days seem to be created for journalists, not for real people.

GAP went back to basics. Reinforcing its denim department (finally). And asked Dree Hemingway and HBO’s “GIRLS”actor Adam Driver +several fashion influencers (MTV’s Tanisha Long etc.) to create 250 pieces of content which will be revealed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr over the next three months.

That’s interesting because it’s certainly not going to generate billions of views but it’s going to shape what GAP is really about. A casual, nice, inclusive and somehow street brand, part of a lot of daily lives. Compared to a lot of brands which try to sell us some fake illusions, it aims to bring some optimism, individualism and democracy back on track.

Back to Blue Image 4-thumb-466x700-114261

Back to Blue moments.


Why U.S. Hip Hop has become relevant (again)

A few months ago, tracking down my mate Rudibell‘s music picks, I started picking up interest for U.S. Hip Hop after years apart – my last solid fond memories would go back to 2004’s N*E*R*D’s Fly or Die album. By that time, I used to listen repeatedly to the groove of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams on CD, in my young expat room in Vietnam. 8 years later, here I am in the very same Saïgon thinking about how Hip Hop has been a contributing force in contemporary creative industries.

As a cruising fashion contributor, I must say these past few months have been a blast for the Hip Hop scene. After years of reconfiguration with basement work from heavyweights Timbaland (who’s to thank for JT’s unchallengeable Futuresex/Lovesounds), Jay-Z and Kanye West, the industry has found a second breath, if not a second life.

Kanye West tried his way in the fashion industry alone then with cult brand A.P.C., from which the very posh Givenchy brand has recently invited young gun Dominic Lord onto the row, while Jay-Z shared the scene with Marina Abramovic and Pusha-T mentioned Philip Lim and Derek Lam in Trust You lyrics. Not to mention the thing with Alexander Wang (New Slaves).

The reason why Hip Hop has become so… Hip – is simple: this bunch of artists are the only ones in the world with such an interest in their Lifestyle, and have a unique way of talking about it, creating around it.

A$ap Rocky’s Fashion Killa:

Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama
She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana
Cause everything designer, her jeans is Helmut Lang
Shoes is Alexander Wang and her shirt the newest Donna
 wearing all the Cartier frames

Jean Paul Gaultiers cause they match with her persona

A$ap Rocky (c) Mark Pillai for L’Express Styles

Miley Cyrus: you need a new marketing team

Let’s face it: Miley Cyrus is desperately looking for a way to kill her Disney background.

It all started with a new hairstyle, some references to Molly (the drugs) and a very explicit performance last night at MTV VMA of “We can’t stop” with Robin Thicke. And as usual, the woman is expected to explain her behaviors whereas it seems normal that a guy like Robin Thicke accepts to be teased on stage. Anyway.

Let’s face it Miley: your marketing needs to be revamped, ASAP. Because you’re a potentially cool girl with cool projects, but you’re being considered as a baby doll by grown-ups.

Britney did it before

Oh, mixing or melting words in lyrics, to face America with a prude / modest moral when it comes to…sex? Britney did it a lot when she was even younger than Miley. Is Britney an interesting career path for Miley? Yes for money, not for arts. Now pick and chose.

Your dirtiness is so common

Oh you want to play with vice and sexiness? You’d better reconsider the difference between porn culture which is closer to an oncology department and erotic suggestions. Yesterday, I’ve watched a young girl trying to turn on some stereotypes of modern crooners. Let’s be honest: J.Lo knows her stuff when Pitbull got…a boner. It wasn’t even crude: it was funny. Yesterday you did not chock because you were indie or underground: you chocked because you were another image of this daily porn culture. I don’t buy it.

Mind the big boys

Oh, you’re now friend with Marc Jacobs? Mind you. Karl Lagerfeld is now friends with Zahia and a lot of fashion designers corrupt real TV starlets. Who’s manipulated?

chela romanticise

Chela / Romanticise. 80s meet Facebook party.

There’s a lot of crap R&B, groovy songs these days. So when a girl you could meet out of a laundrette gives good vibes for the end of summer, you just want to say thank you.

CHELA’s first EP “Romanticise” is coming… Out digitally on August 26th on Kitsuné! The Aussie Chela is already known for amazing collaborations like on Goldroom’s summer anthem “Fifteen” and more recently Clubfeet’s newest single “Heartbreak“.

Disco, good old synthetic beats, a melancholia matching a dancing fever.

Along with the original tracks, remixes by Gold Fields, Collarbones, Boys Get Hurt, Le Bruce and Fascinator remix.


Pre-order “Romanticise” now on iTunes :

Follow Chela on
soundcloud : @chelamusic
facebook :
twitter :

Purushu Arie

Purushu Arie: breaking stereotypes on Indian fashion scene

When it comes to fashion, there’s a little country of 1,2 billion souls which is very often forgotten in Western media: India. We had a chance to catch up with one of its most prominent digital figures, Purushu Arie.


When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in 2008, when I joined NIFT, New Delhi to pursue graduation in fashion design. The idea was to create a scrapbook where I could write about anything that inspired me as a fashion design student which includes runway collections, quirky design elements, illustrations, photography and my own creations.

Purushu design collection

An image that I posted in one of my most recent blogpost is taken from my graduate design collection at NIFT New Delhi. The garment denotes the change in Indian costume history after the British raj invasion. The visual portrays a traditional Indian sari that transforms into a notch collared top in the runway.

India is definitely rising on the global fashion scene. In the meantime, in Europe or in the US, a lot of media associate India to sweatshops: what do you think?

As a part of my learning experience, I have visited many small-scale industries and factories in various textile manufacturing hubs in India. At least, I personally haven’t encountered any of those extremely hazardous environment or human rights violation as it’s reported in the media.
But the biggest problem that we’re still facing is child labor. Many children from the age of eight and above are still seen working in small-scale textile industries. But when you interact with the kids, you get to hear the other side of the story. Most of these underage-labor belong to extremely down trodden families and they are left with no choice but to work in order to fulfill their basic necessities of foot-shelter-and-clothing. The children I interacted were clear that they are left with no other choice, but to work in order to support themselves and their families. Most of them optimistically call it as their way of learning & receiving formal training. It amused me to see young children operate looms with such ease and expertise and have more knowledge about textiles and manufacturing process than we students did in spite of receiving formal training from the nation’s most prestigious fashion school.

Benaras child labor

If asked to make a choice between working to earn their basic necessities or attend schools to have formal education, I won’t be surprised if most of these downtrodden kids will choose to work, as it’s happening now. Sometimes, things are beyond anyone’s reach and what’s even worse was that I couldn’t even disagree these kids.

Benaras children developing motifs

The Indian textile industry offers employment to over 35million people in the country with 10-16% of share on total exports. While we have our own strengths to boast about, the sweatshop-working-environment has been a major problem that our textile ministry is presently tackling. With constantly dropping poverty rate, stricter laws and awareness created by NGOs and media, the situation is improving faster than ever before.

“Fashion can change the world”: do you agree?

Fashion is a way of life, which constantly changes with the changing world & society. Various socio-political factors have affected fashion throughout the history and will continue to do so. I am not very sure which statement is right, ‘fashion CAN change the world’ or ‘fashion changes WITH the world’, for all I am sure about is that the change is necessary for us to be a progressive race.

What are the fashion brands or blogs from India that we should follow?

While the Indian retail formats are still emerging and will take time to level the likes of H&M and Zara, the fashion designers here have made us proud by reinventing forgotten traditions & customs. Apart from celebrated fashion designers like Manish Arora, young designers such as Arjun Saluja, Annaikka, Kallol Datta, Anand Bhushan and Rimzim Dadu offer quirky designs which are unique and targeted at the modern Indian society.
Two of the most favorite Indian fashion blogs at the moment-

Personal Style: Akanksha Redhu
Opinion: The Picky C

What can we wish you?

Hmm…Wish me luck for something big that I am working on presently! Yes, you’ll hear about it in future :D


New Balance, Tea Pack 576: END clothing rocks the tea bags

END clothing knows how to create masterpieces. Not that we Frenchies are a bit jealous of their creativity but what they do is seriously inspiring. Look at this special edition: New Balance Tea Pack 576. Brilliant.

new balance TEAPACK_all


“The ‘Tea Pack’ comprises of three colourways of New Balance’s ever-popular 576 style, each colourway inspired by the three most popular varieties of tea at the NB factory in Flimby; English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Peppermint. Each style includes a tongue label graphic highlighting the specific tea that inspired it’s colourway and matching lace lock. High-end material executions for this premium pack include luxury nubuck and pigskin uppers and extra laces packaged in a collectable tea bag.”



To find our End Hunting Co. store and updates on the event, visit their Facebook page. For more information on the New Balance 576 Made In England Tea Pack, please email

New Balance – Tea Pack Release Party At End

keystud-x3 boX

Pierce Your Keys. BoX, design worth stealing it

We’ve been following Box for quiet a long time now. And they’re back with an impressive new set of design pieces.

Design enthusiasts now finally have an option beyond the age-old Tiffany & Co. key ring. boX, a New York based accessory line, is releasing the keystudTM, a reinvented key ring that mimics a stud earring.

boX’s product line of 9 daily essential accessories aims to fight visual pollution from the endless branding, product warnings and physique destroying bulk. Their branding effort began with ‘Black Box,’ their erotic film noir short, which was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in 2012.

The boX product line is now available via their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

designs worth stealing from boX on Vimeo.