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allsaints sun city

AllSaints Sun City: when the London brand says “go to hell” to fashion advertising

We love AllSaints. Not only because Lilzeon lives in front of their flagship store, but also because there’s a sweet incandescence in each of their clothes and leather jackets. This time, they’ve released a very provocative film for their swimwear collection. Enjoy it.

AllSaints Film’s latest release is a seductive and subversive short film which confronts the clichés and conventions of swimwear advertising. A provocative tale of displacement and individuality, Sun City was entirely devised, shot and edited in just two long hot days in London this summer, demonstrating AllSaints’ continued spirit for creative disruption.

You can shop the Ember bikini right here.


CHANEL, women only: the sweet anxiousness of a world without men but dominated by one man

It’s very rare when I’m stuck more than 10 minutes in front of a branded film. And I was even more skeptical when I realized that it was Karl Lagerfeld himself who directed the last piece of art of CHANEL, “Women Only”, as the backdrop to the 2013/14 Fall-Winter pre-collection

This is a magisterial and controversial work.

In the obscurity of a Parisian cinema, young women run to attend the premiere of the last film by Karl Lagerfeld, Once Upon a Time. A sort of story within the story: real models become a fiction of spectators watching Keira Knightley as Coco Channel.

The 2 parts of this masterpiece are full of interesting signs and echoes.

First, the fear of a world without men.

In Women Only, Karl Lagerfeld describe probably one of the most antique male fantasy: being trapped outside of a place full of goddesses. There’s a sensual tension when the gates close. An ambiguity led by Karl Lagerfeld, who’s not only a victim in this narrative but also the jailer of Cara Delevingne, Julia Nobis, or  Ming Xi. The girls are surprisingly enough pretty superficial and idle in Women Only: they apparently take the lead but they play the girly girl role. Cara plays with her bracelets. Others give hugs. And soon we realize that they’re all here to watch the last super production of a man: Karl Lagerfeld.

The female power versus the girls.

In the film that the models are going to watch, the big star is not one of them but the sublime Keira Knightley. An actress with a word, with a soul, with an interpretation. Whereas the models remain quiet and are just the domineered consumers of the brand inheritance. It’s something that can be easily forgotten when you watch it on YouTube but the symbol is strong. And a bit harsh against the models who are then the digital surfaces to explore the Chanel products on the dedicated website.

I don’t know what to think of this film at the end: it opens more questions than a traditional advertising.

I guess it’s the role of CHANEL to open our gates to such territories. And I’m surprised that not so many people started to debate about it.




issa tchieu

Issa Tchieu: “fashion has ruled our minds since the day we became vain”.

We’ve recently discovered Issa Tchieu blog and work. The Singapore based talent has an inspiring writing style and a look very avant gardiste. A bit like if Rolling Stones had met Asian pervasive creativity. We wanted to get her views on fashion. And she rocks.
When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in Sept 2011 and reason was I needed a media platform that I could share more photos in my camera with a story to tell. And only blog space can allow that kind of expression.
How would you define the fashion scene in Singapore?
Singapore is becoming a fashion hub and have gained massive influence from both local and international fashion designers and retailers. It is known to be a multi-cultural city and its only natural to see diversity in the mix of cultures and styles in the scene.
Issa Tchieu
“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?
Fashion is an emotion and sometimes an obsession. It has ruled our minds since the day we became vain.
What are the local blogs we should discover?
For local blogs, I will recommend;;
Any favorite Singaporean designer?
A.W.O.L is my fav local designer.
What can we wish you?
Im creating my own line of wish me good luck? :P

Free New Slaves: Alexander Wang vs Jay Z videos

This week two videos of exceptional events in NYC hit the tubes with a curious common background. On one hand the hottest top designer Alexander Wang – fascinating fashionisti worldwide as well as God himself: Kanye West, on the other the biggest player in the rap game: Jay Z.

First pictures come from the now famous Undisclosed Event of Fall 2013 T by Alexander Wang, that saw a horde of fans gone wild in a warehouse free release of T products. We’ve been wondering if this was faked as a postmodern crowd performance serving the brand, but apparently the operation was staged to obtain this crazy frenzy naturally. Thus proving our friend Kanye right: NEW SLAVES.

The other video comes from a rare performance by Jay Z serving 6 hours of Picasso Baby in a contemporary art gallery, hosting a truckload of hip friends coming to share the light, among those the whole GIRLS cast including our darling Jemima Kirke else found would be underrated actor Alan Cumming, and other NYC most wanted underground socialites.

Actually we’re wondering which one of these two clips is the most intriguing. The one where the king of his own industry just makes sure to name drop his art into legimity, or the other connecting dots between social observation, art expression and deliberate marketed promotion at the same time… Frankly, NYC is too big a platform for other stages to compare for now. Wake up Europe!

lionel guirard the trendy trooper

Meet Lionel Guirard aka The Trendy Trooper

Lionel Guirard is a young blogger who launched The Trendy Trooper in 2011, with the desire to talk about fashion with a hint of humor and clumsiness.
On his blog, he spends most of his time trying to figure out what’s going through designers’ mind. Why so serious?

Lionel started to interview fashion influencers on Hit Bag few weeks ago. We wanted to know more about our power contributor…
His most marked characteristic?
Always seeking for the truth
The quality he most likes in a man?
The quality he most likes in a woman?
What does he most value in his friends?
What is his principle defect?
Fear of consequences
What is his favorite occupation?
Discovering new ways to humiliate himself in public places
What is his dream of happiness?
Building a room full of pillows
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Losing your beloved one. Classic, yet devastating.
What would he like to be?
In what country would he like to live?
Canada. It’s like the U.S.A but with unicorns, right?
What is his favorite color?
Royal blue
What is his favorite flower?
Margaritas (…)
What is his favorite bird?
Ostriches… Just look at them.
Who are his favorite prose writers?
* Googling “famous classic prose writers” *
Who are his favorite poets?
Inloved ones
Who is his favorite hero of fiction?
Jon Snow, Link (he rocks his green outfit) and Batman
Who are his favorite heroines of fiction?
BabyDoll, Samantha Jones and Rikku from the Final Fantasy videogames
Who are his favorite composers?
Yiruma, Ellie Goulding and Adam Young
Who are his favorite painters?
Gustav Klimt
Who are his heroes in real life?
People who gave me a chance
Who are his favorite heroines of history?
Pocahontas and Anne Frank
What are his favorite names?
Aria and Basile
What is it his most dislike?
Sneaky, hairy, little crawling things
What historical figures do he most despise?
Honey Boo Boo
What event in military history does he most admire?
The Marathon battle
What reform does he most admire?
Marriage equality
What natural gift would he most like to possess?
How would he like to die?
Whispering “I hid a million in…gaaaaaah”
What is his present state of mind?
Ready to start again
To what faults does he feel most indulgent?
The ones people struggle with
What is his motto?
Just smile and wave…smile and wave


Paperwoman. Caroline Chirache like a summer poem

 Directed by Camille Bovier & Jean-Baptiste Lefournier, the short film “Paperwoman” is the amazing story of a young intern with secret power…
Featuring :
Caroline Chirache :
Jean-Philippe de Tinguy :
Delphine Montaigne :

Soundtrack “78” performed by Baden Baden :

Produced by Dominique Faviez / Fighting Fish

Special Thanks to Chris Vandelet and Alain Esnoul for their support during the shooting.

Shot on Lumix GH2 (Driftwood Hack)

An amazing short-film;


Le Leon chomeur unemployed

Can we make fun of everything in fashion?

The French brand “Le Leon” has just generated very negative reactions among fashion spheres with the release of a very controversial collection. One of the reasons for this bad buzz concerns a sweatshirt, with the motto “chomeur” (unemployed). The white model is surrounded by 2 black sweepers. And when you know the situation in France, you can imagine how stupid this lookbook may appear.

The sweatshirt is sold 285 euros; something very expensive when you consider the quality of the product. As Mathilde Laurelli (L’Express Styles) sarcastically asks:

is unemployment a new fashion trend among hipsters?

What’s super interesting thus is to wonder if we can make fun of everything in fashion. And the answer is probably: no.
We’ve asked some fashion specialists and readers what could be the rules of a positive fun and here are their answers:

  1. Fun should be done when there’s a deep narrative beyond the coup. And it’s true that in this case, as the story is very poor (oh, it’s, oh, just second degree < WTF?) the fun is not an entry point to something else
  2. Fun could be implemented when fashion tries to fight against something or for a cause: it can be a way to attract a wide diversity of new people to use the fashion statement as a statement at all!
  3. it should be done in a positive way, not in a too dirty way: making fun of Lindsay Lohan when she’s on rehab? Well, then what? It does not mean that a fashion brand should not be aggressive at all: fantastic brands bring us, in a sometimes violent way to new spheres

At the end, the question is not to debate on the mash-up between fashion and LOL, The only thing that matters is: brands, what do you have to tell us? Before diving in second degree, what do you offer at the very first encounter. And very often, not much more than just a piece of cotton.



H.E. by Mango x The Sartorialist: again?

Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) is the photographer of the Autumn/Winter 2013 H.E. by MANGO campaign, featuring top model Andrés Velencoso. The campaign was shot in the streets of Barcelona.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the campaign. Whereas the collection looks pretty good (but classic), seeing again The Sartorialist as the main star of a brand content is a bit boring. I don’t know what’s the real story behind except that he’s the Sartorialist.