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Johanna K. : when fashion meets this French exception culturelle

We love when fashion meets arts. We love when fashion bloggers don’t only shoot themselves but when they also try to tell us stories; to teach us wise glimpses of knowledge, with subtle ideas and great curation. We had a crush on a very young woman, Johanna K. But her words and her mind touched us deeply. We bet she’s going to rock the fashion scene in the coming years.

Dear Johanna: when did you start blogging and why?

It all begun with some unused articles that I used to write about collections I liked. I once met  someone who worked at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and he advised me to start a blog. Since the beginning, I always knew I didn’t want to post pictures of my outfits or things like that. What I wanted was to write and share my writings about fashion, in order to rehearse for my future as a fashion journalist. Then little by little I opened my fields of inspiration by posting about more diverse subjects.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

How could one deny this? Remember what impact YSL, Dior, Chanel, Mary Quant in the sixties and so many others had on their times. I think fashion is powerful by several aspects. It has the power to unveil (or trigger) the changes of a whole society, and then it is said that if you “give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world! ”. More seriously, what fashion has of most fascinating and powerful to me is that it manages to unite both art and living, contributing to turn everyday life into something aesthetic. But as beauty and aestheticism are not made to have a point, I don’t think fashion in itself can change the world. It is the inspiration that it generates that triggers some of that strength necessary for who wants to leave its mark on the world’s stage.

You mix diverse sources of inspirations with fashion: architecture, arts, films; how would you define your playground?

I am a book lover, art amateur (I know too little to say I’m a specialist), and aestheticism seeker. The horizon of my sources of inspiration broadens everyday more.

What are your sources of inspirations?

In a few words, I can say that it has no limit. Everything can inspire me. It can be the sound of high heels as well as the scent of a fragrance, a collection, the color of a lipstick, an afternoon with a pink light, the furtive sight of a face, as well as an exhibition, a text, an atmosphere whether real or fictional, a friend, something I read…I can find beauty in everything even when I don’t expect it and that’s what makes life so moving sometimes. My playground is life and the limitless resources of nature or spirit it contains. Both spontaneity and sophistication have their part of seduction.

What are the French blogs that you follow?

I’m often disappointed by fashion blogs, but some are of real quality. I love the universe of Miss Pandora. She manages both to stage herself and to post very clever and instructive writings. Her blog should be an example for some, though I hate nothing more than compulsive similarity. I also love Les Garçons aux foulards, and I’ve followed them for nearly two years now, even if I don’t have the time to read them as often as before. Their articles are unvarnished, and they do not hesitate to criticize the world of fashion although they are part of it. I think this is important in our time when conformism and hypocrisy are so present.
Any recent digital crush?

YES ! I recently discovered this website, The Red List. Anyone in lack of inspiration just has to surf for half an hour and will be totally cured. It is the best rehab ever.

What can we wish you?

Nothing but hard work for the next two years…In September I’m starting a prep class for literature studies in Paris !

cover LCM

London Collections: Men SS14. London capital of menswear

If Paris is the capital of fashion and of love, some might say that London is the capital of stylish menswear. In a report commissioned by the British Fashion Council,  the V&A  reveals how everything started in 1528 “when Henry VIII granted a Royal Charter to the Clothworkers Company in 1528 it joined a group of prestigious merchant companies which represented London’s community of mercers, drapers, haberdashers and tailors“.

So, there were many expectations for this 3rd edition of LCM. And to be fair, I think that Paris should have a look at the results of LCM. Buyers were here; press too; and if every show was not surrounded by streetstyle photographers, you could feel a sense of VIPness in the air. And of course, Boris Johnson found a way to generate a massive buzz, posing surrounded by models. TOPSHOP should design a special collection for our Mayor, yes.

Talking about catwalks…well, it was good. Few details that changed the deal at the end.

I definitely loved Rag & Bone show: David Neville and Marcus Wainwright created an industrial and minimal collection, very ready-to-wear; the soles of shoes were pretty interesting, as if sneakers had finally inspired chic formal shoes, providing a twist of originality while models were walking. We can bet that it’s going to be a big hit. At least for me ha!

rag & bone london collections men ss14

The déjà-vu feeling did not really happen and it’s a good news. Burberry did some Burberry, but with a twist of New Tailoring: hipsters-pants, a sort of meeting between the Beatles and a skateboarder close to Borough Market. James Long dived into the urban-cycling trend and the result is just brilliant. McQueen catwalk was very clean, probably too clean, but it was ok: whatever happens, when you’re 100 yards from Central St Martins for your show, nothing bad can really happen. OK, I’m not nice, but it’s because I’m fed up with the notion of “dandys”.

James Long cycling

In terms of cool events: MRPORTER had a great idea; arranging a garden party during LCM. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

At the end, well, another good moment in London.

What shall we do better next time?

Well, try to meet more people in real life.

Try to appreciate again dandys

Try to wear a nicer outfit instead of my good old sweatshirt (I was between 2 rushes for work, my bad).


agoria dj

Courrèges Music x Agoria: the new mixtape is on air

Last year, Courrèges Music was appointing the electro producer Agoria as their artistic director, a collaboration supervised by BETC Music. And as you can imagine, we love Agoria, and not only because he’s from Lyon. We attended some of his performances during Nuits Sonores, and it has always banged. The new mix tape is on air on iTunes. And there are our friends from Marie Madeleine !

Courrèges, founded in 1961, is known and renowned for having turned the codes of haute couture upside down by imposing a new style, forgetting about the normal conventions and introducing the mini-skirt, white and structured lines… Courrèges is also the first fashion house to have introduced music during their fashion shows, allowing people to move and dance freely! Today, the brand is still perpetuating their ambitions of change, by creating new links between different universes. As Frédéric Torloting, the co-president of the fashion house, said: “Music, like an event, is a way to express who you are.”

It’s a great example of how fashion brands try to spread the catwalk experience far beyond fashion weeks to set up an on-going culture with their followers and fashionistas.



1. « Milk Teeth » – Mohini Geisweiller
2. « La Ballade de Jim » – Paradis
3. « Spasmes » – Everydayz
4. « Good Day To Day » – David Lynch
5. « Parade » – Rone
6. « Changed » – Yan Wagner
7. « Swimming Pool » – Marie Madeleine
8. « Overpowered » – Róisín Murphy
9. « Pinnacles » – Four Tet
10. « Heart Beating (Sylvain Chauveau Orchestral Remix) » – Agoria
11. « Mannequin » – When Saints Go Machine
12. « Tout petit la planète » – Plastic Bertrand
13. « Yes I Know » – Daphni

Fleur Huynh

Fleur Huynh: “My closet is like a private club”

Time for a new interview with another top fashion influencer! Today, meet Fleur Huynh, fashion editor for Apollo Novo, a France-based men’s fashion magazine. Together, we’ll enter her back-to-black wardrobe, and ask about her favorite pieces of clothing.


Rumor Time! Does every fashion editor have a house-sized closet?

Well, how to start… when you live in Paris, it is pretty hard to have an house-sized apartment to hold the house-sized closet, but I luckily have quite a big space to store it all…in my bedroom, in my living room, but also at my dad’s, and I don’t even mention what I left in Australia! (I was supposed to come back for a three-month holidays break in Paris, and in fact, it’s now been two years. The city has kidnapped me!) Funnily enough, I always wear the same things. My closet is always full of pieces I am pulling out for work from designers showrooms… Pieces come in and out, I mainly do menswear so the temptation isn’t killing as much as when I have to give it back.

Are you attached to one piece in particular? What’s it’s story?

My leather jacket and my capeline hat. If you know me a little, you would know that my closet is like a private club, whatever isn’t leather and black do not go in. I look like a raven most days. My leather jacket was a present from my Mum five years ago and I don’t think I have ever worn a piece more in my entire life. It is not a designer piece, it is from a little shop in Australia. I had doubts the few first time I wore it… now it is THE staple piece of my wardrobe. The day it will die on me will be a hard time so I will do everything for it not to happen.

The hat, very Saint-Laurent. It is an extension of myself now. I got it as it was raining and I was lazy to hold an umbrella at that time. It is one piece that brings any of my outfits to the next level.


Who’s your favorite designer? Does he/she affects your work?

I have an undying love for the designer Jean-Claude Jitrois artistry. He truly masters leather and I can not deny my passion for it. Any pieces has its sexiness and sleekness, and make you feel like a vixen, strong and powerful. I also adore Zana Bayne who designs modern leather harnesses. I love mixing styles and textures within my work, like adding a harness to a sleek Dior Homme suit. This balance of chic, sexy and edgy, mixing texture, culture and gender… I must say I love my job.


Moving on to the bag, any unexpected item to declare?

My bag is what inspired the souks of Marrakesh I believe… Ipad, sewing kits and cutlery… I live for picnics with my friends. If the picnic becomes too opulent and the clothes tear apart, it can be fixed. Always. I am like Mac Giver.


Tell me more about a weird fashion habit of yours.

Wearing exclusively black is not that weird of a fashion habit… Though, when your friends ask you how you are feeling today with a concerned voice because you are, for once, somehow wearing that royal blue jacket… It seems good enough to be pointed out.


If you could hide any fashion piece from this season in your bag, what would it be?

Ryan Gosling and his white t-shirt from Drive… That is totally an “In trend fashion piece”, right?



L1212 Lilzeon 3 v blog

Lacoste L.12.12 polo x Boulevardier: Brick Lane style

Everybody in France has a story with Lacoste L.12.12 polos. And it started in 1933, just imagine how many family stories you can get.

I remember my dad wearing one when he was playing tennis with my brother in the 80s. It was a special moment for both of them: a certain attitude, elegance in sports. Wearing Lacoste was about sending messages: you were part of something.

These polos were sorted & picked with a lot of attention: it was not any polo but THE polo that needed to be perfect for the next event.

The brand has changed a lot, and the fan-base has reached new territories: streetwear, hip-hop, casual chic tribes. But the myth keeps rocking.

L1212 Lacoste Lilzeon v blog

L.12.12 is a mysterious code: it’s actually a proof of quality. L refers to Lacoste. 1 to “Petit Piqué” Cotton. 2 to the short sleeves model. And the last 12 to the prototype number chosen by René Lacoste. When you see the Crocodile stitched on your polo, you know it’s going to last.

certificate lacoste L1212

We decided to shoot our tribute to L12.12 in Brick Lane, London. Because it’s a gateway between street culture, boho tribes and worldwide influences. As Lacoste brand, Brick Lane changes a lot: new sorts of people, new stories; but still an inheritance of the people who made this neighborhood.


Lilzeon wears Lacoste L.12.12 polo, from Lacoste Boutique on Madison Avenue, Religion hat, ASOS denim and Urban Outfitters slippers.

Photo: Thien Nguyen


JW Nikon

Nikon x JW Anderson: bags for inspired photographers

JW Anderson and Nikon have just released a limited edition of bags

 “Photography is just as much of an art form as fashion, so the partnership made complete sense to me. Taking pictures is integral to what I do – I take thousands during the creation of a collection – and I have always ensured my designs are accessible for everyone, just as photography is. The inspiration behind the bag was that it would have a hint of a 1940s classic, but with a very modern twist, with bold block colours and a totally unisex look.”

JW Anderson

jw anderson nikon

unexpected chicago pregnancy

Unexpected? by Chicago Department of Public Health

Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has just released a very interesting campaign, aimed to spread the word about unexpected pregnancy among teens.

This provocative campaign is great: it presents boys who seem … pregnant. Another great move to incite teenagers to use condoms to avoid unexpected pregnancy or STIs.

The codes of communication use a lot of references to menswear: let’s hope it’ll generate as much attention!

chicago unexpected pregnancyse condoms.


static fashion photography

Static Grad Show: Photography for fashion & advertising (13th – 16th June)

If you’re looking for new talents and that you’ve running after inspirations even after having bought all the beautiful print magazines you can get in the UK, you definitely have to go to The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St London E1 5LJ (it’s roughly 1 minute from Lilzeon’s place).

There’s an interesting Graduate Show happening there, with folks from University of South Wales. Some amazing and promising pieces of work, like Amy Davies provocative work entitled “The Powder Room”: This work depicts the stereotypical motions that a girl goes through on a night out in the ladies room.

Amy Davies Static Graduate Show
© Amy Davies




isabel marrant h&m

Isabel Marant for H&M 2013

It’s a very expected news for fashionistas worldwide: H&M has just released its autumn collaboration with Parisian designer Isabel Marant. The collection will be available in selected H&M stores and online on November 14.

More importantly: the collaboration with the French designer will also present a menswear collection.

mimi's beer

TROUBLE by Mimi’s Beer: Los Angeles Love

TROUBLE from Mimi’s Beer on Vimeo.

Remember our crush for Mimi’s Beer? Well, they’re back and this time they send us an amazing short film from Los Angeles.

Lilzeon said: “it reminds me when I was falling in love with Californian shores and road-trippers”.

Hell Yeah.

You can discover their new collection on their website. And it rocks.




Guy Sprayed On DYLAN LEWIS
Line Producer SAM KIM
Make-up Designer/Hair Stylist JOSEPH ADIVARI
Sound Designer JESUS GUEVARA
Production Assistant RAPHAEL GRIBINSKI

“Bad Boy”