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June Cover Girl: Rina Atienza aka @eevil midget. Love, world domination and activism

There are hybrid people in London; modern magicians, casting spells of hopes in a violent world. And that’s the case with Rina Atienza aka @eevilmidget , a crazy phenomenon full of fireballs and ecstatic energy. She’s back from NYC where she was a panelist for the Pilipino American Unity for Progress. She’s our Cover Girl. And Rina’s talking about a new sort of World Domination. Enjoy

You represent a sort of new activism: what’s happened in your life to feel so committed?

I never really thought I could be considered an activist, but you are right, in that there are cultural agendas that I want to push.  I
definitely believe in the importance of sub-cultures (i.e. StreetWars) and the multiple collaborative projects that people co-create (i.e. Spark & Mettle). Changing the world can be achieved by incremental shifts in social behavior, not just by the mechanics of politics and government institutions.

As for being committed to social causes, I think I’ve always been inclined this way, thanks to my beloved and wonderful family-clan in Manila. Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate (and fortunate) events shaped how I am. The biggest shift of course, was moving to London when I was fourteen, which was life-changing and the best thing that
has happened to me.

Do you consider yourself as a feminist?

It’s not a label I have previously attached to myself, but yes I do. It’s only a recent realisation, as I had this tomboy identity since
childhood which made me think I couldn’t be a woman’s woman. That’s all changed of course, especially as am happy being a contributing
blogger for because how to be a better woman is an ongoing endeavor. There’s so much to share, learn and improve on. I am lucky to have counsel and conversations with incredible and brave superwomen in my life – both my grandmothers are legends, and I am blessed with an amazing mother, sister, numerous aunts and special girlfriends.

You often promote “World Domination”: are you a local Beyoncé?

I’m all for independent women and girls ruling the world.
Also, it’s handy being named after Queen Elizabeth – with her historically famous “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king.”
There’s definitely a continued and amplified momentum for women’s issues this year, and not just because of Sheryl Sandberg’s call to ‘Lean In’. There’s this passage from ‘Evil Plans’ by Hugh McLeod:

“World domination is about everybody living in their own little world. The planet is just too damn big for one person to take it all in. So every human being seeks out their own little microcosm, and these are the worlds that we want to dominate.”

World domination plans may not be for everybody, but we are all accountable for each of our own worlds. We must own up to the responsibility for our spheres of influence.

What would you recommend to people who want to achieve their dreams?

I’d advise them to avoid dreambusters.
These are the negatrons that drain enthusiasm.
It’s key that dreamers surround themselves with crazy visionaries or like-minded people who will enhance or further challenge details about their dreams.
It’s good to match ideas of a future with past lessons and present realities – so you need awesome people to bounce or evolve ideas with.
Also, dreams change, and that’s alright.
Finally, I’d recommend keeping a notebook with scribbled thoughts, several drafts of a 5 year plan, and some doodles or drawings.

What can we wish you?

In terms of material goods, that someone might gift me this 3rd Rock Fire Pit or a wonderful Bruce Nauman neon artwork.

As a social experiment on superdickery, drinks and conversation with Henry Cavill the actor.

For personal achievements, the opportunities to do more social good, either through talks, or maybe becoming mayor one day.

But really, continued health, happy reunions with family and friends, and love of course.

Dress: Chanel
Sweatshirt: Camden shop (it actually belongs to @lilzeon !)
Other accessories: London mood


AutoErotique / asphyxiation / UFO sponsored by American Apparel

This is an interesting music UFO spotted by Tristan yesterday. Enjoy, it’s the week-end!


Director: Amos LeBlanc

Producers: Sharon Yoo & Jason Aita
Cinematographer: Max Chin
Production Designer: Zazu Myers
Production Manager: Eric Sim
Editor: Amos LeBlanc & Dan Racicot
Digital Effects: Ohji Inoue
Sound Designer: Kyle Anderson
Directors Assistant: Emily Cunningham
1st AD: Aaron Duncan
1st AC: James Hellyer
EPK: Marcello Mercanti
Gaffer: Chris Harmsworth
Key Grip: Jonathan Yapp
Key PA: Brady Parker
Art Director: Cailee Clayton
Set Dresser: Oleks Bileychuk
Key Makeup: Sharon Yoo
Key Hair: Kayla Ratushniak
Makeup Assistant: Angel Won
Makeup Assistant: Elizabeth Bjerkseth
Colour Facility: Alter Ego Post
Colourist: Conor Fisher
Executive Producer: John Nadalin
Production Company: The N.E. inc
Sponsored By: American Apparel
Produced in Co-Operation with: MuchFact
Youtube link:


Watch the Video:

Label Dom PC¦ºrignon Vintage 2004

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 & Leo Kuelbs: The Expanding Universe

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 and the Abbey of Hautvillers are at the heart of The Expanding Universe, the new multi-surface projection by Leo Kuelbs and Glowing Bulbs presented on the actual architecture of the Abbey. It’s the second collaboration of the creative team with Dom Pérignon, after “Divine Coalescence” in Berlin.

The video maps explores the visual and musical analogy of a journey through time for Dom Perignon. Abbey of Saint Pierre de Hautvillers is the home of Dom Pierre Pérignon, who spent 47 years of his life to create and perfect the fascinating taste of Dom Pérignon.

The Vintage 2004 is a delightful pleasure for anyone who had a chance to experience it. Super-racy, elegant and mineral so to say.


Conceived as a journey through Dom Pérignon‘s essence, The Expanding Universe offers a unique multi-sensorial experience to go in and come out of History.

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featured article

Why fashion needs poetry (and why poetry now needs fashion)

There are pains, people in dismiss, people running away and people trying to get into.

There are wars, some vain, some right; but can wars really act with discernment?

Among these liquid dreams and nightmares, there are words, you, me, in the wagon. There are our pens and our tunes; our bags full of what we’ll get from where we go; our cameras which can never fully satisfy our memory cards.

But our souls.

There are colors and dresses; and your dress that you wore this special day.

Fashion needs poetry; rare are the bloggers who achieve the body & mind reconciliation.

But we need this escape in fashion; fashion is not about push newsletters nor sales. It’s not about actually buying but accessing “something”. In fashion, we create “stuff”.

In poetry, we need to cast spells to our readers; to face him, to disturb or to bring forward. Or sometimes we just want no reaction.

These lines are filled with fashion, style, descriptions of what characters wear.

Or what they’d like to wear.

The 2 sides of the world are not enemies. They are very similar. If deep thoughts exists, it’s because we also inhabit a superficial street called Earth.


For all the guys and boys who like to read and stare; again, open blogs like Michelle Lara Lin’s one: The Stranger.



vanessa purefashion tv

Discover Munich fashion scene with Vanessa from

German fashion scene is not very often discussed in style media, whether you’re in London, NYC, Milan or Paris. The thing is that there’s an interesting crowd in Munich; Germany has a strong heritage, strong inspirations. We had a chance to ask some questions to Vanessa from Pure Fashion TV.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started about 2 years ago with my blog I initially wanted to put my vacation photos online for friends and family. As more and more people interested in my blog, as well as my clothing style, I have taken my blog more seriously. I blog about my travels and continue to write about my personal fashion style. In the meantime I have two other blogs – one around my travels called and one for my fashion style and beauty products It is always a surprise for me, how many interesting networks and relationships started, because of my blogging history.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I do not think that fashion can really have so much power, but I like the social responsibility of some fashion labels. For me, fashion is always also a kind of art – a way to express yourself and to show, how you want to be seen. I would rather say, fashion can change YOUR own world. The people around you realize you in a different way, if you’re dressed comfortable and sporty or in an elegant way.

Can you define a fashion identity in German?

When I look at the people around me me in Munich, I must confess that I have the feeling that most people do not worry too much about their appearance. Simple, convenient and unobtrusive. Styling only for Oktoberfest and a few limited events :) In the blogosphere, however, I would say there are many similar blogs whose style I would describe as easy and fast. There are only a few who prefer an elegant feminine style clothing every day.

What are your sources of inspirations?

Some say I would remind them of Dita Von Teese. I love her feminine style. In fashion magazines, I find it often difficult to find inspiration, as the elegant modern style comes to gala events only – but less for everyday life. I like self-confident and proud women like Angelina Jolie. I like to see on my trips the style of women in foreign countries and learn from them and get new inspirations for my personal style.

What are the German blogs you follow?

I like to follow countless small blogs. Even if the photos are not professional or the blog launched just a few months ago, it’s fun to experience the real people behind the blogs and to get the honest recommendations and advice. Unfortunately, Germany is still a very jealous society and this is also in a few parts of the blogosphere. Compared to networks outside Germany for bloggers, it is much easier, to have long and honest relationships with bloggers outside Germany :)

What are the German fashion brands your recommend?

I like products from Hugo Boss, the elegant collection, but also the casual collection. The fashion label is exactly my style. The quality does not disappoint me up. Otherwise, I have to already rather turn to other countries. But I am not “label orientated”, it can happen that I buy a dress by an independent designer in Bangkok, Thailand or a wonderful skirt in Singapore, if I like it and it is my elegant and feminine style.

What can we wish you?

Health and many interesting locations and places of the world, for new friendships and fashion inspirations.


Louis Vuitton: bubbling with elegance for Noé

Louis Vuitton has just released an interesting film for its iconic daily bag, Noé. Noé is the second oldest Louis Vuitton bag.

“The story of its creation is the stuff of legend. Looking for a stylish way to transport his valuable vintages, a champagne producer placed a special order with Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He designed a timelessly simple bucket shape, which could hold four bottles upright and a fifth upside down, secured with a supple leather drawstring. He called the bag Noé – in reference, it is said, to the biblical hero who, when he left the Ark after the Flood, planted vines on the mountains of Ararat.”

Now we know where the bubbles come from

london collections  men 2014

London Collections: Men spring/summer 2014 Teaser & NEWGEN MEN

Yes, in few weeks, we’ll discover the new London Collections. Menswear cool kids, men style designers. And as good news always happen as a wine grape, here are the seven of London’s brightest emerging menswear talents who will receive sponsorship to showcase their SS14 collections at London Collections: Men (16th-18th June 2013) from the designer support initiative, NEWGEN MEN sponsored by TOPMAN. The recipients for SS14 are:

Agi & Sam (new), Astrid Andersen (new), Lee Roach, Matthew Miller, Nasir Mazhar (new), Shaun Samson


allsaints new music city

ALLSAINTS FILM: New music city

ALLSAINTS has just announced the launch of their film division. Multiple projects will be produced each year, from music, style, to city life.

Young innovative filmmakers will be promoted and supported by ALLSAINTS under the supervision of brand’s creative director, Wil Beedle.
And we’re glad to discover “New Music City”, a documentary about the burgeoning Nashville Music scene. It focuses on the Kings of Leons’ independant record label “Serpents and snakes”, but it’s only a prism to capture Nashville’s spirit. Starting from last Tuesday, ALLSAINTS’ Earlham Street store in London is transformed into a screening room.

in nihilo thuy nguyen maria spahn

In Nihilo (Maria Spahn, Thuy Nguyen): transforming virtual materials to concretize ideas

In fashion, we’re always very keen to explore the work of seamstresses; they are the ones who sublime the vision of a designer. With the booming of digital, new crafts are opening: they are magicians with computers and cameras; they amplify the dream machine of creative industries.

We met the two founders of In Nihilo in Paris. A new territory of inspiration between arts, new technologies and storytelling.



Your job, for the uninitiated, what is it?

 To give a common designation to our activities, I would say that we image the needs of our customers. This stretches from space design, 3d animations, as much as corporate visual creations and video-art installations. We work for fashion industry, events, exhibitions and private individuals.


Who does what in your tandem?

 Translating the abstract ideas of our customers into image always means stimulating our creativity conjointly and find a new balance in our duo.

Coming from theater scenography, Maria is particularly sensitive and competent for all aspects of space, sound, and the merger of these dimensions.

She takes care of set design, 3D animation, and sometimes she creates the musical arrangements.

Thuy, by her training as photographer, is particularly attentive to framing 2D images, creating the composition and to accomplish the narrative. She takes care of photos and videos, from filming to editing.


In nihilo, why this name?

 “Ex nihilo” means creating out of nothing. For some, it is only God who creates ex nihilo. We, modestly, create “in nihilo.” We are not starting from scratch, we transform virtual material to render ideas tangible. Whether in 3D animation or the creation of video content, we handle primarily pixels. This explains “in nihilo”, a play with words to express two ideas: creation and virtuality.

You worked for Bureau Betak: strong memories of this adventure?

 We are impressed by Alexandre’s ability to consistently reinvent himself. He has a very modern approach to design. He is someone very sensitive to shapes, colors, and materials. He is very specific on the use of lights and on staging ideas. Alexandre de Betak is certainly one of the most creative people we encountered.
It is a great adventure to work with the entire production team of Bureau Betak, an enormous pleasure to travel around the world, to confront us with different local cultures through our work, and to rise above our distinctions to arrive at the end of a project. This certainly remains an unforgettable experience.

What are the creations, you are most proud of?

 There are no creations that deserve being singled out in particular.

What drives us first of all is that every project provides an opportunity to learn again and again, to renew ourselves, and to escape repetition as far as possible.

Perhaps a recent example of a project that has enchanted us is that for the bicentenary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Karlsruhe. It was to tell the history of this institution, from its origins to today, with very abstract 3D animations. We had total freedom of creative proposals, which is very enjoyable when working for an institution.

Creative industries are undergoing a transformation with the digital: how do you see the market evolve in the coming years?

 In our sector, we are at the heart of digital, first by our tools, but also by the particular form that characterizes our creations.

Following our different backgrounds, we initially were trained in more traditional techniques such as assembling theatre design models out of cardboard, or developing films in darkrooms.

But soon, we were sensitive to cultural and social changes and exploited the extraordinary offer of new technologies to develop our expertise.

In our business, everything evolves very quickly, so it’s a must to keep yourself informed. We permanantly have to adapt and form ourselves to stimulate and renew our creativity.

Digital is a modern creed, but for us it is important not to become a slave of it. What counts most is content, otherwise it would be an abuse of technology to hide the paucity of ideas.

Take the example of video mapping that we see more and more. The video projections on buildings or other surfaces are often poor in content, we often see animated geometric shapes, certainly beautiful, but completely meaningless.

There is no doubt that innovations are continuous, especially in the digital, and we certainly cannot ignore them. However in our relationship between creation and technical developments, we always take into account the specificities of our customers. While offering our own visions, we are attentive to their culture and needs and then decide how to adopt novelties.