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My fashion declaration of love to women living in London

We had this conversation last night with a French friend, who’s in charge of a top fashion e-commerce platform. And yes, we had this crazy feeling: French women, if celebrated all over the world for their *style* are actually totally frustrated.

Look at any survey: they’re going to tell you they love this flower dress, this pink jumper, this crazy pant etc. But when it comes to buying: Parisian girls buy black shoes, black jackets, black jumpers, black dresses. How come?

Because they are scared.

Because they don’t dare anymore.

Because they think that if they’re too sexy, well, they’re no longer this stereotypical inaccessible woman.

Sounds cliché? It is. But if you go to any Parisian party, it’s pretty rare when a Paris-born fashionista dares to talk to you.

That’s why I so much love London scene.

Girls have weapons. Girls dare to wear whatever they want, whatever they like, and don’t give a  s*** what men or mates think. They develop their own styles, their own malice, their own attitude. Yeah, it’s a risky business: you know the reputation of Essex girls…

But at least, they tried something.

British women should be an inspiration for French women: because taste without audacity is just a missed opportunity.

London women: I fashionably love you.


New brand to watch: ACIQ.

We’ve spotted a very interesting news this morning, as Aciq the new womenswear brand from Jessica Chatterton, Yoona Kim and Nickque Patterson has just been released. Their debut collection called The End of the Beginning, is made of androgynous pieces made of wool and cashmere with stand out leather detailing.

The fashion statement is powerful:

ACIQ is core androgynous label and movement transcending the characteristics associated with man and woman. In a modern world these traits have progressively become blurred, this is something to be celebrated, an emancipation of man- kind. With a structured fluidity ACIQ garments exploit the extremes of both sexes capturing the residue of silence left between the stereotypes of “man” and “woman“.

Instead of focusing on a gender issue or a “cyborg”, the brand aims to celebrate a new sort of mankind. A powerful – and daring – positioning that we can’t wait to discover.

Aciq inspiration

Korin Avraham fashion blogger israel

May Cover Girl: Korin Avraham

We had a chance to finally meet Korin Avraham in London, on a sunny morning. Energetic, determined, Korin is one of the very first Israeli bloggers to reach a certain notoriety abroad. In her bag, she brought so many amazing outfits: prints, local designers, vintage, but also Dr Martens (the crazy pink shoes on the photo below). She’s our cover girl of the month.

 You’re one of the very first Israeli fashion bloggers to export your style abroad: how would you define it?

I live by one simple rule when it comes to fashion: never take yourself too seriously! My wardrobe contains all kind of outfits, vintage, classic, simple and elegant, bright colors, crazy prints and lots of accessories.
I never plan what to wear, I wake up in the morning in a certain mood and try to find an outfit to express my feelings.
Just as I don’t have boundaries with my style, I found myself develop a desire to enrich people who love fashion wherever they may be, and so that’s why I started to post in English, and built up a community from various corners of the world. I also lived in NYC for a while and worked in the fashion industry and was known as the ‘Israeli fashionista’ there.

You used to be a lawyer: how did you decide to dedicate yourself to fashion blogging?

I still work part time as a lawyer (and always dress up when i go to court). However blogging is not work for me as I love doing it and it feels so neutral.

What are your favorite brands?

My favorite designers are Moschino and Chanel but I love pieces which are made with love and creativity even if its not a known brand.

Israeli brands we should discover?

Inbal Dror for wedding dresses, Alon Livne, Yosef, Tamar Primak, Tami Bar Lev, Dorit Bar Or.


Free People: “Roshambo: Rock”

Free People keeps inspiring the 20-something women with a new short film:

“In Roshambo: Rock, we go back in time to uncover a piece in Sheila and Chris’s relationship history before they were reunited so serendipitously on a street in New York. At this point in time, Sheila and Chris have just parted ways, and she finds her world crumbling. To get him off of her mind, her best friends, played by Michele Ouellet and Britt Maren, swoop in and whisk her away to Rio de Janeiro. The three beauties wander the city, throw on electric bikinis to hit the water, and dance the night away when a Spanish love interest, played by polo player, Diego Osorio, makes his way into picture…”

This is our Sunday crush. Enjoy the scene.

Director(s): Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Creative Director(s): Free People and Brody Baker for Starworks Group
Concept By: Free People
Producer: Starworks Group
Associate Producer: Connor Doherty for Starworks Group

Post Production Co: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Producer: Carl Walters

Actors: Sheila Marquez, Britt Maren, Michele Ouellet, Christopher Abbott, Diego Osorio

A$AP Rocky - Wild for the Night - Balenciaga Outfits

Balenciaga goes über-cool : Wild for the Night – A$AP Rocky

A few weeks ago we spotted an incredible outfit in A$AP Rocky’s video “Wild for the Night”. Two guys strolling the favelas in what resembled a palm-tree print on white shirts and a bomber jacket. These guys:

A$AP Rocky - Wild for the Night - Balenciaga Outfits
A$AP Rocky – Wild for the Night – Balenciaga Outfits

A little research dropped the name of the designerwear boldly styled in this scene: Balenciaga (Spring Summer 13). Outgrowing the girly-frenchie fetish linked to the brand in the Nicolas Ghesquière era, Alexander Wang’s touch seems to have drawn the brand to other spheres. And we bold boys can’t refrain from feeling a chill down the spine. Finally guys can feel the hype too.

Full clip featuring Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam here:


iconoclasts of taste grey goose

Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste: learning how to enjoy our senses

Grey Goose, the Bacardi-owned brand of vodka, which is produced in France (cocorico!) has just revealed a new programme called “Iconoclasts of Taste”.

The idea is that three visions that seek to change the way we experience taste are going to be promoted, thanks to mixologist Tony Conigliaro, fashion designer Giles Deacon, curator Carrie Scott and chef Nuno Mendes.

As cocktails and alcohol beverages need to reinvent their positioning, we can’t wait to discover more of this strong statement.

Hong Kong Tatler april 2013

Hong Kong Tatler: when deviant art inspirations take the lead on their cover

We were astonished and happy to discover the new cover for April issue of Hong Kong Tatler; Brandon Chau (founder of A-life Academy), Nissim Tse (black belt instructor in Shorinjiryu karate as well as director of Sofaer Global Research HK),  Hing Chao, Philip Kwok (chairman of the Shotokan Karate International of Hong Kong), Albert Wong (Eastern Worldwide Company), and Alex Shum wear diverse Ninja / karate outfits.

It could have been totally cheap and an open gate to mockery, but the result is absolutely gorgeous.

Not surprising when you know the excellent reputation of the magazine.

Ha, western magazines should probably get a bit more inspired. HK rules.

shanghai affairs hugo boss

Shanghai Affairs…Hugo Boss is getting ready for its Fashion Show

As catwalks are competing intensely to generate a maximum attention from observers and consumers worldwide, innovative stories are on the rise. Hugo Boss got it and revealed their “Shanghai Affairs”, a 2-episode film starring Lin Chiling and Jon Kortajarena. It presents 2 pieces of the limited runway collection available for purchase live at the fashion show, on May, 30th.