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VQ had already explained why we were not really happy with the last brand manifesto of Saint Laurent Paris. The new release of the collaboration Daft Punk x Saint Laurent Music Project worries us, again!

So many brands have already diluted their own gifts in simply mashing up their name to a “cool” trend. The “x” has never been that present in capsule collections, media partnerships etc. It can be extremely powerful when it brings forward the 2 territories. Otherwise, it’s just an empty idea, made for filling magazines’ paper.

We had a look at Saint Laurent Paris corner at Harrod’s and the impression is seriously anxyogenic: black on black, without the charm of All Saints; daring forms that not so many women can wear; a certain “Neo-Occident” moral hammer, which will not satisfy Middle East market, nor Asian ones, that are far beyond when it comes to exploring subcultures.

But we’ll see, and we might be totally wrong. At the end, we’ll jump on Daft Punk beats, but not sure we’ll cry for Hedi Slimane.





Reut Shechter

Reut Shechter from “Working Nine to Five”, on hard core & light elegant clothing

Reut Shechter runs a very interesting blog from Israel, called “working nine to five”. Dedicated to women with average closets, Reut knows how to sublime daily outfits…

When and why did you start blogging?

I launched my blog at the end of March 2013 after a year of “contemplation”. I started my blog because I wanted to share my passion for fashion. I want to share my outfits and help other women, like me, who are looking for inspiration.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I think it’s true. After all we don’t go around naked? (well at least not most of the time :)). Most of us are influenced in one way or another by the fashion industry and by the fact that we wear clothes that symbolize us in many ways to others.

Can you define an “Israeli” fashion identity?

Israeli fashion is very modern and chic but because we have warm weather most of the year, our clothes should be appropriate for that. We don’t have a strong winter like in Europe so I will say that our warm clothes are different and not necessarily like in other countries. Also, I think that not many people wear elegant clothing here, in contrast to Europe and other countries. I think it’s because of the weather. It’s hard to be in a suit when it’s almost 40 degrees Celsius outside.

© photography: Liron Weissman, Hair & Makeup: Shay Erez


What is elegance?

Elegance for me is my favorite style. It’s a style that leaves a strong impression. Style that screams sophisticated and glamor although I think that like in anything in life there is a limit, so you can wear “hard core” elegant clothing (such as a suit) or “light elegant” clothing (such as jeans, blouse and a blazer).

What can we wish you?

That my blog will be an inspiration for women all over the world to find their inner-chic.


5 minutes with Vicky Perperidou from Fashion Railways

Vicky Perperidou blogs on Fashion Railways. Born & raised in Greece, Vicky gives us some clues on the local scene. And when a student in philology talks about fashion, you can guess you’re going to get some great insights :)

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging a year ago for two reasons. Firstly, I felt that I wanted to express my style and share my fashion tips with other bloggers and learn from them new things about fashion industry. Secondly, I understood that my dream job is something related to fashion. So I am now professional blogger and fashion author in a Greek magazine and alongside I am currently studying German Philology in Aristotle University.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I totally agree with that phrase because I think that fashion is an attitude to life. This attitude, has to do with creativity , fantasy and positive thinking. If everyone had the creativity and care for others to be pretty and feel happy with themselves, like a fashion designer does, everyone could change the world by himself. Moreover Fashion industry offers a great amount of money in the world economy. By investing a company in poor areas in order to build an appendix company and working with poor locals or unemployed but gifted people you could change many things. Fashion could also contribute to the environment, with recycled clothing or second hand in order to support the ecology thinking and environmental conditions.

Can you define a fashion identity in Greece?

This is a really difficult question. I believe that here in Greece everybody has his own style. There are many girls that love being glamorous and posh and others that love bohemian or rock style. In the streets of every different city you can find another style but I think that in bigger cities, girls try more to be fashionable

The economic crisis is really deep in Greece: how fashion adapts to this context?

I think that Fashion still exists in every woman’s thoughts. Every Greek woman used to spend a great amount of money in clothing or shoes but now she must spend less. That’s what I observe, we still buy fashion products but cheaper than what we were buying before economic crisis. Moreover there are many new stores that sell vintage or second hand clothes and they are selling like hot cakes because they are not only cheap but also have great quality.

What are your sources of inspirations?

I often read other fashion blogs and fashion magazines and generally they are my basic sources of inspiration. I think that fashion bloggers share great tips and nice outfits. Magazines like VOGUE are in my daily routine and I think that you can understand the reason :)

What are the Greek blogs you follow?

What can we wish you?

I think that first of all comes health !!
A great career in fashion industry would be an amazing wish though :)

Feet Project

Share your feet / The Feet Project

We’re involved in a “Creative Research Project” with my gang, called “The Feet Project“.

What is it about? Well, we wanted to analyze something that everyone has or knows: feet, to describe a lot of phenomenons that impact our daily lives: the influence of our own stories, our fears, our hopes, the impact of fashion industry, the shoemakers and the shoe-cleaners etc.

We want to get a social portrait of “feet”. We’re at the moment producing an interesting content, but in the meantime, we want YOU to share your feet. You can add in the description how you feel about your feet. And of course, ask your friends to do the same. The more, the merrier.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep you posted on the project.

As Chris Aldhous writes in our manifesto:

“It’s strange how often we overlook our feet. It takes a conscious effort to look down at them, to consider their significance. We’re too busy thinking about how to get from A to B, it seems we forget about the feet that are getting us there.”

Get on your feet and join the movement.


Mags from The Smart Girls Fashion Guide: “I do think that overall British street style has a very grungy feel to it”

There’s something irreverent and chic with Mags’ blog. The first promise you read from her is:“If you’re bored of reading yet more fashion nonsense churned out by the internet, I hope you’ll at least stick around for my uncontrollable sarcasm“. I can tell you one thing: this girl does not talk BS. This girl has attitude.

Mags: you say you “don’t like bloggers with egos. They stink”. How do you smell the right digital people? :)

Usually, I’m just drawn to people who have a lot of fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. The whole blogosphere turned red when Company Magazine published a ‘Super Blogger’ edit and people were miffed that they didn’t make the cut. But my philosophy is “it’s just blogging”. It takes A LOT to become a super blogger; I’ll never be one and I’m happy with that because it’s just a hobby for me.

So it’s always great to meet like-minded people – bloggers who have other interests outside of their blogs!


Your blog aims to give some advice to your readers: how do you pick the topics you’re going to write?

I don’t know if what I post counts as advice, or I don’t try to advise people too much anyway. I work in fashion so I share a few industry bits and bobs and I post about new brands and the small independents that people may not have heard of yet (the big dogs don’t need people like me). I just hope people find it useful or interesting.

The topics are usually inspired by current catwalk trends but mostly just what I come across when I’m shopping! I really do seem to find fresh and exciting designers / retailers every week and I spend a lot of time on etsy searching for crafty fingered folk too.

How would you define a “British fashion” identity?

There really isn’t one “British fashion identity” I don’t think. Every city or town can be different but I do think that overall British street style has a very grungy feel to it. I love Camden for street style inspiration. Everyone is so effortless there.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I don’t agree. I love fashion. I love everything about fashion. I can’t get to sleep at night sometimes because of fashion (building outfits in my head). But I don’t think it has the power to change the world. It brings people together and it’s inspirational just like art – but it doesn’t feed the poor or instigate world peace – haha! Now music….music can probably change the world. ;)

Where can we follow you?

You can read my blog over at and sign up to my RSS feed to get my latest posts. Or you can follow me on Twitter at @magstheblogger.



Let the sunshine in with Bensimon and the sublime voice of Teejay

Bensimon brings some fresh ideas today with the launch of their new music video, “Let the sunshine in”, starring a girl-next-door with pop-colors way of life.

We especially love “Teejay” voice, unknown (but soon to become famous) YouTube cover-singer.
Director: Wandy Sinesi,,
Music: Bruno Morisetti, &
Singer: Teejay,

Lucy Fetch Fashion dogs Bikini_Tank_1_large

Heidi Cox from Fetch Dog Fashions: “I can go a little over the top and people love it”

When we first discovered Fetch Dogs Fashions, a brilliant project based in New Jersey, we suddenly started to see DOGS everywhere: in London, there are advertising about our lovely puppies everywhere: on double-deck buses, in newspapers. Gardens and parks are inhabited by nice dogs and pet lovers. And even more crazy: my office is just in front of a vet practice (the one where Alexander McQueen used to bring his dog). I wanted to know more about this rising phenomenon for dogs fashion. And Heidi Cox knows pretty well her business, you’re lucky readers.
Bodhi from Menswear Dog blog, Harvey Nichols and their new breed: dogs have never been THAT popular in fashion: how do you explain that?  
People are used to seeing cute small dogs wearing cute clothing or being carried around.  Everyone still loves these little dogs but the use of bigger dogs by Harvey Nichols & Menswear Dog blog dog Bodhi is fresh & new… it catches peoples attention because they are not used to seeing it.  Fashion is always evolving and it makes sense that something so popular as small dog fashion expand to larger dogs.  I think its a genius campaign by Harvey Nichols… the bigger dog catches peoples attention.  My star model is a 25 lb Boston Terrier Lucy.  Often people use 3-5 lb dogs as clothing models but Lucy looks great in everything!   I couldn’t resist hiring her.  I am surprised by the number of requests & inquiries I have had large dog outfits even bigger than Lucy.  I recently added Tutus & Bow Ties for dogs up to 125 lbs and I plan to add more large dog items.
 A lot of detractors say that designing clothes for dogs whereas human beings die in some countries because they don’t have access to safe drinking water is absurd: what do you answer to that?
Everyone has different things that are important to them based on what they have been through in their live.  I am passionate about fashion & I love dogs.  It only makes sense for me to do something I love.  And having a my own company has allowed me to make donations to non-profit organizations that help people and help dogs.
My vision for Fetch Dog Fashions is not only to create adorable dog fashion but also to connect with a community of people who also love dogs.  I have started a blog to bring people together to share tips and advice as “dog parents”…everything from training tips to where to find organic dog treats or how to select the right breed for someone looking to bring a dog into their family and other topics that are important to dog lovers.
There will always be critics in life but I have to do what makes me happy and in return I hope to spread happiness to others.
How do you design a collection for dogs?
When I add new products or new collections to my dog clothing line I take inspiration from many places.  I think most designers do.  I wear a lot of neon & animal prints so I naturally gravitated towards including neon & animal prints in my line.  The other thing that is really fun about designing for dog clothing is that I can go a little over the top and people love it:  sequins, ribbons, lace, polka dots, ruffles, faux fur, witty prints, etc the more the better!  Since I am passionate about it, my mind is constantly going 1000 miles a minute with new design ideas.  I have more design ideas than I have time to create.  Sometimes its hard to stop thinking about what to do next because I love what I do.
Where can we follow you?
People can follow me on:
-Website & blog:
Theres also more about the story of how I started Fetch Dog Fashions on my website:
Lucy Seremak

5 minutes with Lucy Seremak, Polish blogger and fond of the Golden Age of Hollywood

Today, our world tour drives us to Poland, where we meet Lucy Seremak from Insider Online. As Warsaw is progressively attracting a lot of new talents, we wanted to get a “local” point of view.

When and why did you start blogging?

I was always fascinated by new media, fashion and magazines and I thought it would be great to be a part of it. So about a year ago I started my blog.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I don’t know if fashion is changing the world but for sure it influences it a lot. Now fashion is not only about clothes, it is architecture, music, food, tech, vehicles. It is in almost every aspect of our lives. Even in politics, just look at Michelle Obama and her relationship with fashion. For the second time, she’s Vogue’s cover girl, and that means something. But (to quote Stan Lee) “with great power there must also come great responsibility“. On one hand fashion icons, brands, models are involved in great amount of charity but on the other, fashion industry is partially responsible for creating unattainable, unhealthy models of beauty. Do I think slim models like Anja Rubik look beautiful? Of course I do, but I believe that beauty doesn’t know size. This is one of the things I want to show on my blog, you can wear size 12 or 16 and still look pretty and fashionable. I’m not size zero but I’ve learned how to dress properly to my figure.

Can you define a fashion identity in Poland?

For sure we like to keep up with the trends. Even though 30 or 40 years ago we only had like 3 brands available on the market, everyone was sewing and tailoring at home. Now we have big retailers, luxury brands and online shops from around the world. Not to mention a lot of great Polish designers like Bohoboco, Zuo Corp, Nenukko, Lukasz Jemiol. With all that everyone can create their own unique style.

What are your sources of inspirations?

Generally I’m inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood and contemporary New York but really I take my inspiration from everything. It can be movie, piece of furniture, song, my friends and my favorite blogs ManRepeller, Hanneli and Cocorosa. And of course magazines, as I said before, I’m fascinated by magazines, not just the photos or layout but the whole experience of keeping it in hand, flipping pages, smell, the process of creating it… Probably I’ll be the last person on earth that will be still buying paper magazines instead of downloading them.

What can we wish you?

Just an Upper East Side apartment. I’m kidding. I wish that my blog grows enough that I could attend New York Fashion Week.

liu wen h&m

Liu Wen for H&M Spring 2013: the new icons

In London, we’ve been attracted by the new H&M campaign, starring among other new “icons” a model called “Liu Wen”. This campaign is both “normal” (in a positive way) and intriguing.

Well done Alasdair McLellan & Claire Richardson

We like what she says about what “being an icon” means:

“An iconic woman has classic style, a good heart and is confident – that makers her beautiful”