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red dress the art of making

The Art of Making, Red Dress

The Art of Making, Red Dress from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo.

“When an idea materializes into paper and continues to magically transform into a deep red fabric, the only thing you can do is let go and follow your heart.” That’s the motto of the “Art of Making” episode, produced by Deep Green Sea. It aspires to “display and highlight people who go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation. They dare to dream and create with zeal and imagination. Armed with passion for knowledge and emotion, they attempt to combine the precision of science with the elegance and resourcefulness of art. We thank them wholeheartedly for their contribution“.

The film presents Samantha Sotos work, who was born and raised in Australia, studied in Athens and London and worked in London and Sydney before moving permanently to Greece. In 2006 she opened her own studio which is situated in downtown Athens, Thissio. In walking distance from the Acropolis, Thissio merges the ‘yitonia’ (neighbourhood) of old Athens with a modern flavour of today.

A very inspiring document for any Doer or Fashion dreamer.



Directed by – Dimitris Ladopoulos, Spiros Rasidakis
Director of photography – Nikos Mexis
Editing – Theodoros Armaos
Sound design – Nikos Tsines, George Potagas
Music – ‘Silk’, Monsieur Minimal
Fashion Designer – Samantha Sotos
visit film page –

cara delevingne lol fashion

Cara Delevingne: the girl who created LOL-Fashion

The fashion world often needs to highlight the NEXT icons. Because brands have been pretty unfaithful with top models: goodbye Naomi, Claudia et caetera! Millions of new faces are inhabiting fashion collections: actresses like Zooey Deschanel or Jessica Chastain are now bankable for selling style. In the meantime, communities of bloggers or influencers are the new hype when it comes to collaborations; because we are the living girl-next-door (and boy, thus).

© Cara Delevingne (instagram)

In London, during Fashion Week, we’ve only seen ONE girl. Cara Delevingne. A ticking catwalk bomb. She was the big star at Topshop Unique, Mulberry…She partied hard with Rihanna, while magazines were speculating on her love relationships. Rita Ora? One Direction guy? Even Prince Harry! And a lot of the tycoons declared that Cara is the new Kate Moss. We actually think that media go a bit too fast; and that Cara is far different from Kate. For our own pleasure.

Cara Delevingne created a new trend: the LOL Fashion. Let’s analyze what it’s all about.

Cara Delevingne, a modern Brit

She’s the grand-daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the founder of “Radio Caroline” in the 60s. A fusion of Establishment & Rock’n roll, that we also find in Cara. She handles royal friendships and underground address book. She’s the girl that everybody knows and envies: the cool pretty girl, but with VIP bullets. She can wear a beanie or a Burberry suit: she rocks. She unifies East and West London; and that’s a performance.

© Laurent Francois ( lilzeon ) / ViewsCo

Cara Delevingne, digital MC

Ages ago, and still in Hollywood, PA and PR used to tell to their clients to over-protect their lives. When it comes to Cara Delevingne, it’s exactly the opposite: she tells us a daily story, bypassing traditional media channels. During #LFW she posted more than 10 posts per day in average, attracting 50 000 new followers every 24H. A massive gravity law on planet Cara. This “LOL Fashion” is also close to theLOL casualness” concerning luxury brands.

Cara Delevingne plays with digital gimmicks and habits, as with this Harlem Shake:

Cara Delevingne, close to the Teens

In France, models and “stars” tend to be distant with fans. But Cara Delevingne spends time taking pictures with them, chatting with them, taking care of them. Cara spreads the love. Cara Delevingne understood that her business is not fashion only: it’s entertainment.

Cara Delevingne, Lolita

From our male eyes, of course slightly in love with her, we transfer a sort of guilty feeling for this modern icon, cheeky, and not that far from a Facebook poke. Film industry and literature offered us thousands times this aesthetic process; at the end, Mena Suvari was long ago this venomous girl next door for 40 something daddies in American Beauty.  It was in 1999. We’re now in 2013, we just replicate 10 hours of Nyancat or 10 years of Lolitas. Is Cara really the future, then?

Mena Suvari (American Beauty – S. Mendes – 1999)
YMC button down poplin shirt

Shopping Authentic Indispensable Basics

With a new season coming, everyone is looking for new fun pieces. But we believe it’s the best time to aim for a timeless look. Start fresh and new by renewing your basics first. You’ll build up to signature pieces from that.

Start with pair of solid jeans.

Levi's Made & Crafted Tack Slim Raw Denim
Levi’s Made and Crafted Tack Slim Raw Denim

Levi’s Made & Crafted is the more authentic contemporary line of cult jeans maker Levi’s. Fabrics and craft are better than your average Levi’s. This pair of raw denim with a slightly tapered fit is perfect for a serious yet underdressed look.

Then move to a classic button down shirt.

This dark blue YMC shirt should do fine.

YMC button down poplin shirt
YMC button down poplin shirt

Finish off your basic blue look with a pair of desert boots, right light enough for the season, but with a comfortable crepe sole.

Ben Sherman Desert Boots
Ben Sherman Desert Boots

There you go. These three pieces should match any Spring outfit you’ll grab out of your closet.

Hana Tajima_fashion_blogger

Hana Tajima, Style Covered: “there has been a reawakening of personal creative expression in young Muslim women”

When we met Hana Tajima, who blogs on Style Covered, we quickly had a triple addiction: amazing aesthetics in her shootings and designs; the fusion of so many roots (Japanese, British, Muslim); and a certain openness when it comes to talking about her beliefs and her inspirations. We had a chance to interview this bright phenomenon. You’re luck guys.

© Style by Hana Tajima

Dear Hana, when did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging about 4 years ago. It was just another kind of sketchbook, and although a very public one, it allowed me to explore image and video in a way that I hadn’t before.

Your work is a really intriguing mash-up: most of your models aren’t covered whereas you always appear with a headscarf; you recently quoted Christopher Kane or Fashion Week’s monochrome style as big sources of inspirations but Allah is not that much mentioned on your blog. Most of the “modest” fashion bloggers we’ve discovered remain in some very strict rules, whereas most of the non-modest fashion bloggers seem to be absolutely against the idea of religion in fashion, unless it is to be distorted. How do you consider yourself? A Muslim fashionista? A spiritual free soul?

Style Covered is very personal to me, and being a Muslim, and coming from a mixed ethnic background it means I have a very distinct lens through which I see the world of fashion.  But it’s still very much a fashion blog, and the simplicity of that premise leads people into being less judgmental.  People aren’t just one thing, and shouldn’t have to categorize themselves. I’ve been non-Muslim as well as Muslim, I have a Japanese father and an English mother, lived in many different cities and countries.  All of these things are reflected in my style, and because they are so inextricably combined it means that all the barriers fall apart.  It might be that there’s something in that that people identify with.

 What are the blogs you like to read?

I’m selective about the blogs I read regularly.  Style Bubble was the first that really opened my eyes as to what a fashion blog could be.  People like Evita Nuh of The créme de la crop, and Nadia of are endlessly inspiring because they have such strong visual personalities.

© Hana Tajima, Style Covered
© Hana Tajima, Style Covered

You contribute to the association “Merlin”: can you tell us more about this engagement?

I donate 10% to various causes for everything I sell, one of these is Merlin.  Merlin is a wonderful healthcare charity that sends doctors and nurses to regions that have been affected by disaster, they also set up support systems so that the care is ongoing.

Fashion can change the world: what do you think about that?

I don’t think fashion needs to change the world, but it can make it a much more interesting place.  It is the people behind the fashion, that make the changes in the world, which is why street style is so fascinating.  Style is a creative expression of these personalities, and that can be a powerful thing.

Do you consider yourself as an icon of contemporary Islam?

I think icon is the wrong word, but I am incredibly glad that there has been a reawakening of personal creative expression in young Muslim women, and am grateful to be a part of it.

Can you tell us the story of the “Octopusface” design: ?

Octopusface was an illustration that came out of a very specific feeling.  A sort of frustration that is both internal and writhing while also being outwardly suffocating. It’s an odd thing when you can feel constricted but also safe from a more wavering reality.

What do you expect from fashion brands?

The brands I feel are most successful are ones that have a strong sense of identity.  Once you have that, you have to keep exploring new ideas and allow yourself to evolve.

Where can we follow you?

My website is the blog is You can also find me on facebook through the blog and twitter @hana_tajima

louis vuitton porno chic

What’s happened to Louis Vuitton? James Lima and Porno Chic?

Louis Vuitton AW13 by James Lima from LOVE on Vimeo.

Spotted on Diane Pernet blog, the last Louis Vuitton collaboration with Love Magazine.

Katie Grand, Creative Director, declared: “James Lima is one of my favourite directors to work with so when the opportunity arose that he may be available to shoot backstage at the Vuitton AW13 show, I jumped at it. I knew the character was his kind of woman; she was French and a lady that enjoys the night time. James shot at the same time as we worked inside the studio on the show fittings; he was shooting on the streets around Pont Neuf. Once again we used LOVE favourites: Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Lily McMenemy, Saskia de Braw, Magdelena Frackowiak and Isabeli Fontana.

We don’t really know if we like this film or not; we were used to innovative reinvention, that Louis Vuitton spots emerging trends and never seen before clusters…But celebrating Porno Chic, seriously?

We’re not the only one to doubt of the relevance of the film. Daily Mail also dares to use the word “prostitution”…Not quiet sure that it really refers to French elegance or “ladies who appreciate nightlife”.

Maybe we’ve become too conservative…or maybe we think that porno chic is not deviant enough. At the end, this in-between leaves us with big skepticism.


Director: James Lima

Creative Director: Katie Grand

Models: Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Saskia de Brauw, Isabeli Fontana, Lily McMenamy, Georgia Jagger, and Magdalena Frackowiak

Show styling: Katie Grand

Hair: Guido

Make-Up: Pat McGrath

Music: Steve Mackey

Film Styling: Anders Sølvsten Thomsen


My recent addiction to REISS 1971

We are bad, bad, BAD!!! We fashion bloggers sometimes spend so much time online, trying to discover new emerging brands, tricky ideas, inspiring styles, that we just completely forget high street. Yeah, we get low on high street major players (I don’t even know if it’s English, thus). So this Saturday, I did something crazy: I went to Reiss, just in front of Covent Garden station. Yeah, you read it well: Reiss.

Maybe for you English-speaking fellows, it might sound not that surprising; but for a male + French + East Londoner, Reiss was associated to a certain idea of older preppy families; to people sailing on a yacht in French Riviera; to men who don’t want to get dirty in shabby-chic night-life, who aren’t into arts and pervasive meetings.

I was wrong, oh so wrong fashionistas. Don’t blame me; I’ve just confessed. I’ve discovered, 3 years after everybody, their younger and edgier sub-brand, called “1971”.


The collection is utterly premium; a mix of retro-attitude which fully mash-ups with current trends, promoted by Open Ceremony for instance. I have a crush on this jacket for instance, which could perfectly suit to Ryan Gosling in Drive 2:

For girls, the collection is even more subtle; a sort of Kling but more premium:

Reiss 1971, for wanderer with a twist of chic.

selektor boulevardier hit bag

Hit Bag Fans selector #7: Je ne veux pas travailler

Every Sunday, we ask our Facebook fans to share their good songs, in order to discover new artists, have fun, debate and discuss. We’ve then decided to consolidate them in a YouTube playlist :) A sort of good selector to start the new week :)

Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose
BenZel & Jessie Ware – If You Love Me
Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own
James Blake ‘Retrograde’
I’ve Told Every Little Star – Mulholland Drive
Pink Martini – Je ne veux pas travailler / Sympathique
The Popopopops – Pure (Equateur Remix) [HQ Audio]

thank you fans!

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